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Max International's Biggest Announcement Happens October 1, 2018

The waves of MAX Momentum are gaining speed with the news of Max’s Next Colossal Expedition. Once they break this October 1st, the surge of excitement begins full speed.

Max Has Already Started Packing For You  

Great news! Associates who have been building their businesses and increasing their teams since July 1, 2018, have already earned bonus points towards this major event. Continue to grow your business and continue to increase your points totals.

Come October 1st, you’ll be glad you did.

The Countdown Has Begun


Oct. 1st - 10am Mountain Time (MT)

Want to go for free? They did it in 2018... you can, too!


Life is precious and time is priceless. This Max Family strives to live healthy, fulfilling lives. That’s why We Are Max. That’s why We are Max In Motion. The moments we feel most alive and the ones we best remember occur when we’re on the move -- during our journeys together to mystical, magical places.

What's To Come: The Mediterranean Palma de Mallorca, Spain Marseilles, France Florence/Pisa, Italy Rome, Italy Naples, Italy Barcelona, Spain

As the countdown continues, keep building your business the best you can. We made this simple. Focus yourself, elevate your success, and imagine being rewarded with another legendary, once-in-a-lifetime Max Adventure. Experience Max's Momentum and Get Ready for October 1st.

Did you miss the announcement call?   Click to listen