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Celebrating Your Success

Your Recognition

Max Associates at a Road to Diamond Training event

Success with Max is more than just earning a paycheck – it’s about being recognized for the incredible work that our Associates do every day. For this reason, Max has created a comprehensive Recognition program that highlights success in the best way possible.

Recognizing Success On A Global Scale

Max Recognition includes:

  • All-expense paid trips as reward for reaching specific ranks
  • Exclusive certificates, pins, trophies and other awards for certain achievements
  • On-stage recognition at major Max events – including our International Convention
  • Exclusive rewards for Diamond Associates including rings, trophies, trips, and gifts

Even the people that purchase your products can benefit from being part of Max. Preferred Customers can earn FREE Max products through our Friends & Family Program. See full details on the Compensation Plan here.

Customize your experience to your Market Region and Language Preferences


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