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Earth to Luna
3 Seasons
Kids & Family
Family Adventures

Earth to Luna

: Luna is a six year old with boundless energy and a passion for science.

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Earth to Luna
3 Seasons
Kids & Family
Family Adventures

Earth to Luna

: Luna is a six year old with boundless energy and a passion for science.



Pearly Whites
1. Pearly Whites

After their friend finds a pearl in an oyster, Luna's family wonders how pearls ...

Hello, Hello!
2. Hello, Hello!

After talking to Grandma and Grandpa on the phone, the trio begin a fun investig...

Crab Walk
3. Crab Walk

Luna's family notices something really interesting as they cross a bridge headin...

So Much Water
4. So Much Water

While they discover the region of Bonito, Luna, Jupiter, Clyde and Alice try to ...

Floating Along
5. Floating Along

Luna's family is the Dead Sea. When they all get in the water, they discover tha...

Friendly Ants
6. Friendly Ants

Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are in Hawaii with their friend Iolana when they notice ...

Wiggle Worms
7. Wiggle Worms

As Luna's family helps Grandma plant her new tomatoes, they are surprised to fin...

Wonder Islands
8. Wonder Islands

During a trip in the Caribbean, Luna, Jupiter, and Clyde notice that some island...

Let It Lean
9. Let It Lean

When Luna and her family visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the trio is surprised ...

The Scent of Spring
10. The Scent of Spring

Luna, Jupiter, and Clyde friends Vikesh and Paksha tell them about their great-g...

Flying Backwards
11. Flying Backwards

While picnicking in a park in Santiago, Luna's family is surprised when they see...

Red Hot
12. Red Hot

When Jupiter gets a red spot where he didn't put his sunblock on correctly, Luna...

Flying Vs
13. Flying Vs

Luna's family is watching an air show with some friends. When some fighter jets ...

14. Spots

Luna and her family notice that pandas all seem to have spots in the same places...

Whirly Twirly Storm
15. Whirly Twirly Storm

Curious about hurricanes, Luna, Jupiter and Clyde decide to do a dangerous exper...

Broken Bones
16. Broken Bones

After falling off her bike, Luna comes back from the doctor with her arm in a ca...

Yummy Dirt
17. Yummy Dirt

When Luna's friend, Greta, takes leftover food scraps to compost and make the pl...

Near and Far
18. Near and Far

When Grandpa wants to get a better look at a photo, he takes his glasses off, bu...

Terrific Tentacles
19. Terrific Tentacles

On an oceanographic research and cleaning boat, Clyde spots an octopus fit throu...

Where's the Sun
20. Where's the Sun

Luna and her family are in Argentina where there is going to be an eclipse!

Sights From Space
21. Sights From Space

When Luna's family visits the Great Wall of China, and it's so big, you can prob...

Floating Houses
22. Floating Houses

Luna's family is surprised that some people in Amsterdam have houses on boats!

An Out of This World Special - Part 1
23. An Out of This World Special - Part 1

Luna's parents have received an incredible offer! The whole family has been invi...

An Out of This World Special - Part 2
24. An Out of This World Special - Part 2

After meeting their new neighbor, the trio set off to explore the Space Station.

No More Straws
25. No More Straws

When having some smoothies at the diner, the trio are surprised to discover you ...

Giant Pinwheels!
26. Giant Pinwheels!

Luna, Jupiter, and Clyde are amazed when they discover that wind can be transfor...

Earth to Luna


Kids & Family, Family Adventures, Little Learners


3 Seasons (78 Episodes )

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About This Series

This new preschool series is about science and the exciting process of scientific inquiry. In every episode, Luna notices something in her natural environment that prompts a question about how the world works.

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