You Were My First Boyfriend (HBO)

You Were My First Boyfriend

: A hybrid documentary that explores the power of adolescence and the way time impacts memories.


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You Were My First Boyfriend



Release Year


Rating Information


Director, Writer, and Producer

Cecilia Aldarondo

Co-Director, Writer, and Editor

Sarah Enid Hagey


Ines Hofmann Kanna

Executive Producers (for HBO)

Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller, and Sara Rodriguez

About This Documentary

Filmmaker Cecilia Aldarondo embarks on a quest to reconcile her tortured teen years. She revisits some of her most formative and cringeworthy childhood experiences by tracking down old crushes and reenacting visceral memories of youthful humiliation and desire — ultimately finding a path to self-acceptance.

Featured Participants

Cecilia Aldarondo, Melissa Baker, Sarah Baker Butterfield, Laura Gallegos, Gabriel Kristal, Joel Pickering, and Jo Anne Taylor as themselves. Additional cast includes Trinity Soos, Hannah Whipple, Xander Black, Maya Karp, Ella Marie Fraley, Delanie Nicole Gill, Erica Kaylee Gouldthorpe, Isabella Rivera Gandulla, and Cole Donaldson.

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