Cold Case
7 Seasons

Cold Case

: Detective Lilly Rush works on "cold cases" for the Philadelphia Police Department, reopening dormant homicides that occurred years ago.

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Look Again
1. Look Again

The former maid of a wealthy society family seeks justice for the 1976 murder of...

2. Gleen

A woman asks Rush to help prove that a felon about to be paroled on an unrelated...

Our Boy Is Back
3. Our Boy Is Back

Rush confronts an old case that Vera was unable to solve involving a serial rapi...

Churchgoing People
4. Churchgoing People

When a woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease experiences flashbacks about the...

The Runner
5. The Runner

Rush reopens a 1973 case involving the unsolved murder of a young police officer...

Love Conquers Al
6. Love Conquers Al

Rush reopens the 1981 murder case of a 16-year-old girl after a prison inmate re...

A Time to Hate
7. A Time to Hate

Rush gets a visit from a frail 75-year-old woman seeking justice for her dead so...

Fly Away
8. Fly Away

Rush and Valens reopen a case involving a young woman who is slowly emerging fro...

Sherry Darlin'
9. Sherry Darlin'

Rush reopens a cold case when she receives a cryptic phone call from an anonymou...

10. Hitchhiker

Rush reopens the case of a hitchhiker found murdered in 1997 near Atlantic City,...

11. Hubris

Hoping to finally clear his name, a former college professor asks Rush to invest...

12. Glued

Lieutenant Stillman asks Rush to investigate the 1980 unsolved murder of an 8-ye...

The Letter
13. The Letter

Rush confronts her oldest case yet when the granddaughter of a Black woman murde...

Boy in the Box
14. Boy in the Box

Rush and Valens reopen the unsolved killing of a 6-year-old orphan who died in a...

Disco Inferno
15. Disco Inferno

Rush and Valens reinvestigate a deadly 1978 fire at a disco when the partial rem...

16. Volunteers

Human remains found in the excavation site for a new building lead Rush to inves...

The Lost Soul of Herman Lester
17. The Lost Soul of Herman Lester

Rush and Valens reopen the 1987 case of a high school basketball star who was st...

18. Resolutions

Rush and Valens begin to suspect foul play when they investigate a case involvin...

Late Returns
19. Late Returns

A current murder case leads Rush and Valens to reopen a cold case from 1992 invo...

20. Greed

Rush and Valens reopen the 1985 murder case of a wealthy stockbroker killed duri...

Maternal Instinct
21. Maternal Instinct

A psychologist approaches Rush about a troubled 17-year-old boy who's been lost ...

The Plan
22. The Plan

Rush, Valens and Vera investigate the 1999 murder of a military academy swim coa...

Lovers Lane
23. Lovers Lane

In the season finale, DNA evidence reveals the wrong man has been imprisoned for...

Cold Case


Drama, Crime, Mystery & Suspense, Investigation


7 Seasons Available (156 Episodes)

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About This Series

Headstrong Detective Lilly Rush works on cold cases for the Philadelphia Police Department, reopening dormant, unsolved homicides that occurred years or even decades ago. The resourceful Rush makes use of today's science and finds fresh clues to crimes once thought to be unsolvable.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Kathryn Morris, John Finn, Danny Pino, Jeremy Ratchford, Thom Barry

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