3 Seasons


: U.S. Marshal Chris Monsanto and his two partners fight crime.

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Get Worse Soon
1. Get Worse Soon

In the series premiere, Marshal Chris Monsanto must avenge his fallen partners w...

2. Creeps

The shocking murder of a local creep leads to an even more shocking discovery.

Master of Da Skies
3. Master of Da Skies

Chris learns of a shocking loophole in town law.

Me Llamo Justice
4. Me Llamo Justice

Chris goes south of the border on a quest for justice. Muy chocante!

Death Punch
5. Death Punch

Chris makes amends after a shocking confrontation with a villain.

Double Your Displeasure
6. Double Your Displeasure

Twins from Chris's past turn out to be more than they seem. Prepare to be shocked.

Chris & Susie & Brett & Malice
7. Chris & Susie & Brett & Malice

After witnessing a mob hit, the Marshals are forced into hiding. Their new ident...

Susie's Song
8. Susie's Song

Susie learns that nothing is more shocking than love.

The Human Bat
9. The Human Bat

Brett's need for respect forces him to make a shocking decision.

Once in a Wattle
10. Once in a Wattle

Chris goes deep undercover to track down missing seniors. With a shocking guest ...

Danger: Mountain Lions
11. Danger: Mountain Lions

Chris's search for an old friend leads him to uncover an ancient secret. You'll ...

A Mug of Chili and a Bowl of Death
12. A Mug of Chili and a Bowl of Death

Chris's search for missing marshals leaves him hungry for revenge. Not for the e...



Comedy, Offbeat


3 Seasons Available (34 Episodes)

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About This Series

U.S. Marshal Chris Monsanto and his two partners fight crime.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Chris Elliot

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