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: Hosted by John Cena and Nicole Byer, this all-new series features new course elements that push contestants to even greater extremes.

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The Big Balls Are Back, Baby!
1. The Big Balls Are Back, Baby!

Fire performers, a Rock-n-Roll father-daughter duo and bubbleologists have a cha...

Big Ball Energy
2. Big Ball Energy

Forensic scientists, radio DJs and a pair of Wipeout legacies face the most chal...

OMFG Girl Run!
3. OMFG Girl Run!

All the way from Luxembourg, frisbee camp and even homeschool, teams face the mo...

Love at First Trip
4. Love at First Trip

Mermaids, motivational speakers and cosplayers take on the demanding Wipeout obs...

Invasion of the Big Balls
5. Invasion of the Big Balls

Wipeout is back with the most challenging course in history with aerialists, UFO...

Tumble Sleep Eat Repeat
6. Tumble Sleep Eat Repeat

LARPers, worm farmers and a pair of surfing siblings are among the dynamic duos ...

Wipe-pedia Vol.1
7. Wipe-pedia Vol.1

Celebrity impersonators, helicopter pilots and shredded newlyweds all walk into ...

Get Ship Faced
8. Get Ship Faced

It's Yacht Rock week! Coaches, engineers and parkour enthusiasts must walk the S...

Betting Battle
9. Betting Battle

The stakes have never been higher as John and Nicole place bets on which teams t...

Now You Cena, Now You Don't
10. Now You Cena, Now You Don't

Royal theme park performers, crazy cat ladies and slam poets are all vying to be...

Lights, Camera, Wipeout!
11. Lights, Camera, Wipeout!

Thespians, hockey players and first responders face off against the epic Wipeout...

The Suicide Squad Special
12. The Suicide Squad Special

The Suicide Squad takes over Wipeout this week with special guests and another s...

NOW That's What I Call Wipeout!
13. NOW That's What I Call Wipeout!

Flamenco dancers, pro tennis players and musical sweethearts take on the hardest...

Nips, Flips 'n' Dips
14. Nips, Flips 'n' Dips

Bambi makes an appearance along with middle school sweethearts and church camp c...

Camille's "Sick" Day
15. Camille's "Sick" Day

With Camille out "sick," flight attendants, kindergarten crushes and an EDM rock...

Smooching Cena
16. Smooching Cena

Fun moms, college volleyball players and God's gift to Wipeout compete for a sho...

Go! Fight! Kiss!
17. Go! Fight! Kiss!

John and Nicole's kids, bubble-tea baristas and black belts face off against ext...

You Can't Small-SEE Me
18. You Can't Small-SEE Me

Professional wrestlers, marathon runners and acrobatic cousins face extreme Wipe...

Swole Daddy Issues
19. Swole Daddy Issues

Swole daddies, snowboarders and a bossy construction couple duke it out with the...

The Road to Redemption
20. The Road to Redemption

John and Nicole pick their favorite past teams to return for a chance at redempt...



Reality, Competition, Comedy


1 Seasons Available (20 Episodes)

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About This Series

Hosted by John Cena and Nicole Byer with Camille Kostek serving as field host, Wipeout features twists and new elements that push contestants' athleticism and determination to even greater extremes, all while delivering some wildly epic fails! Each game is three rounds, with each round featuring a jaw-dropping, multi-stage obstacle course with numerous strategy and decision points designed to further challenge the stamina of the competitors and deliver hilarious and surprising wipeouts. And of course, the iconic staple of the show -- the Big Balls -- are returning with a vengeance.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Nicole Byer, John Cena, Camille Kostek, John Cena, Nicole Byer

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