Oh Hell
1 Seasons

Oh Hell

: In order to make it through a quarter-life crisis, 24-year-old Helene, affectionately known as "Hell," must figure out who she is.

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California (Kalifornien)
1. California (Kalifornien)

After getting fired yet again, Helene must figure out what she really wants befo...

Graduation Day (Examen)
2. Graduation Day (Examen)

As she settles into her new role at a call center, Helene hides the truth about ...

3. Sarabande

While gleaning life advice from one of Maike's videos, Helene takes a leap of fa...

4. Portugal

When an off-the-cuff lie manages to catch up to her, Helene must appeal to Oskar...

Sugar Daddy
5. Sugar Daddy

Newly jobless but rapidly falling for Oskar, Helene finds herself in need of cas...

Helene Island
6. Helene Island

As she prepares to introduce Oskar to her mother, an overly excited Helene begin...

Tina Turner Days (Tina Turner Tage)
7. Tina Turner Days (Tina Turner Tage)

After receiving an unexpected gift (and news) from her mother and Dr. Spellart, ...

Imagine Life (Leben vorstellen)
8. Imagine Life (Leben vorstellen)

After witnessing a tragic gathering of her friends and family, Helene begins a r...

Oh Hell




1 Seasons Available (8 Episodes)

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About This Series

Affectionately known as "Hell," 24-year-old Helene is having a serious quarter-life crisis, jumping from one messed-up job to another and from one interpersonal disaster to the next. It also doesn't help that her best friend, successful influencer Maike, has no problem holding down a job or a relationship and, to top it all off, is absolutely stunning. But Hell has one great quality -- she can imagine a whole life behind every face, piece of clothing, or fragment of a word. When Hell gets laid off from yet another job, she vows to buck the system and forge her own way forward ... but first, she must figure out who she is and what she wants. Quirky and unpredictable, this German dramedy follows one woman’s quest to live the life she always imagined on her own terms.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Johannes Boss, Mala Emde, Edin Hasanović, Salka Weber, Deborah Kaufmann, Knut Berger, Thomas Loibl, Madieu Ulbrich, Rosa Löwe, Romi Dörlitz

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