The Lost Kitchen
3 Seasons
Food & Home

The Lost Kitchen

: Erin French welcomes food lovers from around the world to The Lost Kitchen where they gather to enjoy her locally inspired and sourced menu.

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Welcome to The Lost Kitchen
1. Welcome to The Lost Kitchen

Erin works with farmers to build a last-of-the-season ingredients menu her guest...

The New Normal
2. The New Normal

Erin launches a no-contact farmers market and an outdoor lunch to curb the effec...

Let's Do Dinner
3. Let's Do Dinner

Erin prepares to relaunch dinner service and hopes tried-and-true recipes meet g...

Getting Back on Track
4. Getting Back on Track

Construction on a dining cabin creates issues as Erin and her staff return after...

Fall Flavors
5. Fall Flavors

Erin builds a menu to reflect the arrival of fall, and the dining cabin falls be...

Come to Fruition
6. Come to Fruition

As temperatures drop, Erin plans her final service of the year and debuts the pr...

The Lost Kitchen


Food & Home, Cooking


3 Seasons Available (26 Episodes)

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About This Series

Erin French followed her passion and opened a restaurant in her hometown of Freedom, Maine. Travelers from all over the world gather at The Lost Kitchen to enjoy Erin's locally inspired and sourced menu.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Erin French

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