Gossip Girl
2 Seasons
Teen Drama

Gossip Girl

: A new generation of New York City private school teens are introduced to the unflattering reality of 24/7 social surveillance.

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Just Another Girl on MTA
1. Just Another Girl on MTA

A new student at Constance St. Jude's finds herself thrust into the spotlight, w...

She's Having a Maybe
2. She's Having a Maybe

As Zoya hesitantly explores a new romantic interest, Max aggressively pursues on...

Lies Wide Shut
3. Lies Wide Shut

While the school takes drastic measures to smoke out Gossip Girl's identity, a b...

Fire Walks With Z
4. Fire Walks With Z

Tensions run high as Zoya reluctantly celebrates her birthday. Audrey levels wit...

Hope Sinks
5. Hope Sinks

While an incident at a nearby school finds all eyes on Gossip Girl, Julien and Z...

6. Parentsite

When Obie's mother comes to town, Zoya begins to question his nature – and nurture.

Once Upon a Time in the Upper West
7. Once Upon a Time in the Upper West

As Zoya scrounges up guests for her annual Friendsgiving feast, Julien and Obie ...

Posts on a Scandal
8. Posts on a Scandal

While an accusation from Gossip Girl throws Julien's life into a tailspin, Zoya ...

Blackberry Narcissus
9. Blackberry Narcissus

When Gossip Girl turns the city against her, Julien leans on Zoya in her search ...

Final Cancellation
10. Final Cancellation

In her efforts to save Julien from a vicious smear campaign, Zoya puts her own f...

You Can't Take It With Jules
11. You Can't Take It With Jules

A Christmas visitor threatens to upend Julien's life, while a new friend pushes ...

Gossip Gone, Girl
12. Gossip Gone, Girl

As the crew heads upstate for their annual New Year's bash, Julien holds tight t...

Gossip Girl


Drama, Teen Drama


2 Seasons Available (22 Episodes)

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About This Series

Nearly a decade after the original Gossip Girl’s website went dark, a new generation of Upper East Side private school teens are introduced to the unforgiving and transformative reality of nonstop social surveillance. Diving back into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite, this extension of the pop culture classic explores just how much social media – and the landscape of New York City itself – has evolved since we last dished on the Met steps. But while the times may have changed, the drama is richer than ever.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Jordan Alexander, Whitney Peak, Tavi Gevinson, Eli Brown, Thomas Doherty, Emily Lind, Evan Mock, Johnathan Fernandez, Adam Chanler-Berat, Zión Moreno, Savannah Smith, Jason Gotay, Todd Almond, Luke Kirby, Laura Benanti, Megan Ferguson, Grace Duah, Michelle Trachtenberg, Zion Moreno

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