The Amazing World of Gumball
6 Seasons
Kids & Family

The Amazing World of Gumball

: Gumball Watterson is a 12-year-old cat who frequently finds himself involved in shenanigans around the city.

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The Responsible
1. The Responsible

Gumball and Darwin babysit Anais "responsibly," whilst "irresponsibly" flooding ...

2. The DVD

Gumball is desperate to avoid a late fee on the rented DVD he accidentally destroyed.

The Third
3. The Third

Gumball and Darwin spice up their friendship by introducing a third best friend.

The Debt
4. The Debt

Gumball resolves to save Mr. Robinson's life during Elmore's Senior Talent Show.

The End
5. The End

Gumball and Darwin are convinced that the world will end in 24 hours.

The Dress
6. The Dress

Gumball goes to school in a dress and becomes the darling of Elmore High.

The Quest
7. The Quest

Gumball and Darwin help Anais rescue her doll from Tina Rex.

The Spoon
8. The Spoon

Gumball and Darwin are unwitting accomplices in a gas station robbery.

The Pressure
9. The Pressure

Gumball tries to save Darwin from being kissed by a girl.

The Painting
10. The Painting

Principal Brown tries to "fix" Gumball's dysfunctional family.

The Laziest
11. The Laziest

Gumball and Darwin challenge Dad to a "lazy-off."

The Ghost
12. The Ghost

Gumball must learn to say "no" when Carrie the Ghost uses his body against his will.

The Mystery
13. The Mystery

Gumball sets out to solve the mystery of who stuffed Principal Brown into his locker.

The Prank
14. The Prank

Gumball and Darwin's harmless pranks on Dad spiral hopelessly out of control.

The GI
15. The GI

Gumball and Darwin's martial arts costumes make them a laughing stock at school.

The Kiss
16. The Kiss

Gumball is traumatised when accidentally kissed on the mouth by his Grandma JoJo.

The Party
17. The Party

Gumball and Darwin are invited to a high school party, and have to bring a date!

The Refund
18. The Refund

Gumball and Darwin unsuccessfully attempt to get a refund for their computer game.

The Robot
19. The Robot

Gumball discovers that Bobert is planning to take over his identity and replace him!

The Picnic
20. The Picnic

Gumball and Darwin barely survive a school picnic in the Forest of Doom.

The Goons
21. The Goons

Gumball sets out to win his Dad back by winning a blindfolded "dumb" race.

The Secret
22. The Secret

Gumball almost loses his mind trying to guess Darwin's secret.

The Sock
23. The Sock

Gumball and Darwin are taught confusing lessons about honesty by the school coun...

The Genius
24. The Genius

Darwin is sent away to a government institute for geniuses. Yes. Really.

The Poltergeist
25. The Poltergeist

Gumball and Darwin give Mr. Robinson a home and end up saving his marriage.

The Mustache
26. The Mustache

Gumball and Darwin's wish comes true when they suddenly turn into men.

The Date
27. The Date

Gumball discovers the difference between a "date" and a "pet's funeral" ... the ...

The Club
28. The Club

When Gumball rejects "The Rejects Club," the rejects wreak their revenge.

The Wand
29. The Wand

Gumball and Darwin make their dad believe in magic again.

The Ape
30. The Ape

Ms. Simian sets out to "befriend" Gumball in order to win a Favorite Teacher Award.

The Car
31. The Car

Gumball and Darwin accidentally destroy Mr. Robinson's new car ... or do they?

The Curse
32. The Curse

Gumball experiences an impossibly unfortunate chain of events.

The Microwave
33. The Microwave

Gumball and Darwin accidentally create a loveable monster that eats their family.

The Meddler
34. The Meddler

Gumball is embarrassed when Mom comes to school to spend some "quality time."

The Helmet
35. The Helmet

Gumball's magic tinfoil helmet threatens to tear the Watterson family apart!

The Fight
36. The Fight

Anais is convinced that Gumball is being bullied by Tina Rex.

The Amazing World of Gumball


Kids & Family, Comedy, Cartoons, Family Laughs


6 Seasons Available (254 Episodes)

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About This Series

The Amazing World of Gumball revolves around the life of Gumball Watterson, a 12-year-old cat who attends middle school in the fictional city of Elmore. Accompanied by his adoptive goldfish brother and best friend Darwin, he frequently finds himself involved in various shenanigans around the city, during which he interacts with his other family members, sister Anais and parents Nicole and Richard, and an extended supporting cast of characters. With relatable themes and a unique cast of characters, The Amazing World of Gumball exemplifies the funny, amazing, sweet and optimistic side of kids’ everyday life. Injected with a good deal of humor and unpredictable nonsense, Gumball’s world reflects the modern family and everyday issues that kids understand.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Jacob Hopkins, Terrell Ransom Jr., Kyla Kowalewski, Dan Russell, Teresa Gallagher, Teresa Gallagher

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