The Shivering Truth
2 Seasons
Adult Animation

The Shivering Truth

: A stop-motion anthology tackles topics on life, death and human nature.

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Chaos Beknownst
1. Chaos Beknownst

The grudge match between Order and Chaos is finally settled in a slapfight -- an...

The Nurple Rainbow
2. The Nurple Rainbow

Unfortunately everything in the whole universe just oozed out from Doug Dwyer's ...

The Magmafying Past
3. The Magmafying Past

The only thing hotter than the future is the present, and the only thing wetter ...

Ogled Inklings
4. Ogled Inklings

By the time you are done reading this sentence your right eye will have secretly...

5. ConstaDeath

Die once, shame on you. Die once every three seconds, shame on us all.

Tow and Shell
6. Tow and Shell

Did you know that if you hold your mother against your ear and listen closely, y...

Fowl Flow
7. Fowl Flow

This week Violet discovers that the scalding throb that rips thru your body ever...

The Shivering Truth


Adult Animation, Comedy, Dark Comedy, Offbeat


2 Seasons Available (13 Episodes)

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About This Series

The Shivering Truth seeks to access the unconscious mind with its stop-motion anthology used to tackle topics on life, death and human nature. Darkly surreal and delicately crafted, it delves into riotous daymares that reek of dream logic.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Vernon Chatman

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