Batman Beyond
3 Seasons
Kids & Family

Batman Beyond

: A new Dark Knight protects the Gotham of the future.

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Rebirth Part 1
1. Rebirth Part 1

Troubled teen Terry McGinnis discovers Wayne's former identity and seeks Wayne's...

Rebirth Part 2
2. Rebirth Part 2

Bruce and Terry become allies against ruthless industrialist Derek Powers, and B...

Black Out
3. Black Out

When Terry faces a deadly, shape-shifting industrial saboteur named Inque, he fi...

4. Golem

An insecure teenager takes revenge against his tormentors using a living statue ...

5. Meltdown

Derek Powers' scientists create a new body for Mr. Freeze, but when it begins to...

6. Heroes

A new team of superheroes called the Terrific Trio arrives on the scene, promisi...

7. Shriek

An employee of Derek Powers uses his discoveries in sound wave research to becom...

Dead Man's Hand
8. Dead Man's Hand

Terry meets a girl with a dark secret.

The Winning Edge
9. The Winning Edge

Batman searches for Bruce's former foe, Bane, when he suspects Bane is responsib...

10. Spellbound

An elusive villain called Spellbinder hypnotizes ordinary citizens into committi...

Disappearing Inque
11. Disappearing Inque

Inque escapes and devises a plan to kill Batman and Bruce Wayne.

A Touch of Curare
12. A Touch of Curare

A vicious assassin named Curare is hired to kill Commissioner Barbara Gordon's h...

13. Ascension

When Derek Powers' identity as the villainous Blight is publicly revealed, his a...

Batman Beyond


Action, Kids & Family, Superheroes, Family Adventures, Adventure


3 Seasons Available (52 Episodes)

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About This Series

From the ingenious team that brought audiences the Emmy Award-winning Batman: The Animated Series comes the continuing legend of The Dark Knight with a futuristic twist as Bruce Wayne trains a new Batman for the 21st century.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Will Friedle, Will Friedle, Kevin Conroy, Stockard Channing

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