Trixie Motel
1 Seasons
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Trixie Motel

: Trixie Mattel gets some help from her boyfriend and celebrity guests to transform a rundown motel in Palm Springs, California, into a drag paradise.

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Pink Flamingo
1. Pink Flamingo

Hospitality mogul Lisa Vanderpump and TikTok sensation The Old Gays assist Trixi...

Queen of Hearts
2. Queen of Hearts

With the help of celebrity guest Nicole Byer and drag sensation Mo Heart, Trixie...

Yeehaw Cowgirl
3. Yeehaw Cowgirl

With help from fellow musician Orville Peck and celebrity guest Brittany Broski,...

Atomic Bombshell
4. Atomic Bombshell

Trixie visits her family and drag queen Jaida Essence Hall before launching into...

Flower Power
5. Flower Power

Trixie and David visit the Brady House with Property Brother Jonathan Scott and ...

Malibu Barbara
6. Malibu Barbara

For inspiration in the Malibu Barbara room, Trixie chills out with pop/punk icon...

Oh Honeymoon
7. Oh Honeymoon

With the help of Gigi Gorgeous and Jonathan Bennett, Trixie and David tackle the...

Pride Grand Opening
8. Pride Grand Opening

Emily Hampshire and drag queen Katya help Trixie complete the check-in and lobby...

Trixie Motel


Food & Home, Pop Culture & Celebrity, Reality, Building & Renovation, Decorating & Design


1 Seasons Available (8 Episodes)

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About This Series

Drag superstar Trixie Mattel is expanding her empire. With the help of her boyfriend and co-owner David and a host of celebrity guests, she uses her retro-kitschy style to turn a rundown motel in Palm Springs, California, into the ultimate drag paradise.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Trixie Mattel

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