Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil
1 Seasons
Adult Animation

Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil

: Satan has a complicated relationship with his daughter.

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He's Not the Messiah, He's a DJ
1. He's Not the Messiah, He's a DJ

Satan sets his daughter up on a blind date with a senator at Club Armageddon, ho...

2. Escapeoke

Satan buys Tequila Sally's, and Lucy convinces him to hire DJ Jesus to be the ka...

Dildo Factory
3. Dildo Factory

Satan and Becky encourage masturbation by launching Sinsperations! -- a sex toy ...

4. Temptasia

The Prophesy tells us that if DJ Jesus doesn't perform at Burning Man an unholy ...

Terry the Teratoma
5. Terry the Teratoma

A tumor removed from Satan's armpit falls for Becky. Together they plot to kill ...

Human Sacrifice
6. Human Sacrifice

Senator Whitehead wants to announce his candidacy for President of the United St...

The Busboy
7. The Busboy

Senator Whitehead's son Tad is a registered sex offender so Satan gives him a jo...

The Special Fathers vs. the Vampire Altar Boys
8. The Special Fathers vs. the Vampire Altar Boys

The Special Fathers and Special Sisters team up with the Archbishop of San Franc...

9. Dreamster

The Dreamster Sound Effects Machine was designed to help you fall asleep. Side e...

Satan's School for Girls
10. Satan's School for Girls

DJ Jesus and his entourage rent out a Catholic girl's boarding school so he can ...

11. Monster

A monster has been coming across the Golden Gate Bridge at night and everyone wa...

Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil


Adult Animation, Comedy, Dark Comedy, Offbeat


1 Seasons Available (11 Episodes)

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About This Series

Lucy is anything but a typical 21-year-old -- her dad is Satan and has decided she must fulfill her birthright as his daughter, regardless of anything she might want to do. Although she is being groomed to take over as the Antichrist, Lucy has other plans. She prefers to hang around young DJ Jesus, who is known for performing "nearacles" (almost miracles, but not quite) during his sets. Meanwhile her father, with the help of his personal assistant, Becky, continues to try to take over the world. This animated Adult Swim entry is definitely not for the children.

Cast and Crew

Starring: H. Benjamin, Melissa Galsky

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