2 Seasons
Adult Animation
Fantasy & Sci-Fi


: A daring team of fighters in a dystopian future must band together as an oppressive authoritarian force threatens to conquer the world.

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The Pilot
1. The Pilot

Earth, 2068. City by city, free society is being forcibly absorbed into a vast a...

There's Always Tomorrow
2. There's Always Tomorrow

Earth, 2072. Chase tries reconnecting with Miranda and the Vanguard. Doc's new r...

Second Birthday
3. Second Birthday

The Colonel raises concerns about Doc's residency. Chase feels the impact of abs...

Training Daze
4. Training Daze

The gen:LOCK team begins rigorous training to master their mecha. The recruits g...

The Best Defense
5. The Best Defense

A recruit's talent for tinkering raises concerns. Chase receives an overdue upgr...

The Only Me I Know
6. The Only Me I Know

Doc reflects on past events before deciding his future. The gen:LOCK team is tes...

It Never Rains
7. It Never Rains

On the run, the team learns more about the origins of gen:LOCK and one another. ...

Identity Crisis
8. Identity Crisis

The team must evolve further if they hope to make a stand against the Union's de...



Adult Animation, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Artificial Intelligence & Robots


2 Seasons Available (16 Episodes)

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About This Series

In this action-packed adult animated series, an all-out war leaves only a handful of highly skilled soldiers fighting for the future of humanity. After sustaining devastating injuries, pilot Julian Chase returns from the dead in the form of a Holon warrior, one of a select few whose mind is compatible with the mech-suit gen:LOCK program. As Dr. Weller works to crack the gen:LOCK code, it’s up to Chase, Miranda, Cammie and their team of intrepid Polity fighters to fend off the authoritarian Union. But as the war rages on, Chase must decide if he’s willing to sacrifice everything -- including friends, family, and his own humanity -- to save an increasingly hostile world.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Michael Jordan, Dakota Fanning, David Tennant, Maisie Williams, Asia Dillon, Golshifteh Farahani, Koichi Yamadera, Monica Rial, Miles Luna, Angus Sampson, G.K. Bowes, Kift Vandenheuval, Anisha Nagarajan, Lawrence Sonntag, Blaine Gibson, Judah Mackey, Gray Haddock

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