The Forgotten Valley (HBO)
1 Seasons
Mystery & Suspense

The Forgotten Valley (HBO)

: A group of young people venture through a place lost in time and full of mysteries to unravel.

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Adeus, Civilização
1. Adeus, Civilização

A group of friends join Ana on a hike but are attacked in the woods. After one i...

Vale Sereno (Serene Valley)
2. Vale Sereno (Serene Valley)

The "outsiders" spend the night at Irene’s Inn, where they are offered a mysteri...

Substituto (Substitute)
3. Substituto (Substitute)

After The Patron approaches Bento, Ana decides to attempt to rescue Du on her ow...

Você Vai Entender um Dia
4. Você Vai Entender um Dia

Julius is condemned by the Council. Fred, increasingly tormented by spirits othe...

Mais Amor (More Love)
5. Mais Amor (More Love)

Bento is arrested, while Ana undergoes a reconversion process. Something surpris...

Posso Confiar em Você?
6. Posso Confiar em Você?

Clara arrives at the village in search of her son. Bruna notices that Fred and F...

7. Dalva

Bento and Bruna look for Alma. Iasmim is expelled from the big house. Coyote is ...

Esquecidos (Forgotten)
8. Esquecidos (Forgotten)

The origins of the Patron, the Guardian and the sect of the Forgotten are finall...

Última Ceia (Last Supper)
9. Última Ceia (Last Supper)

The outsiders attend a dinner at the Patron's house and discover why they were c...

Lua Cheia (Full Moon)
10. Lua Cheia (Full Moon)

The time for the ritual has come. The fog takes over the valley and the Guardian...

The Forgotten Valley (HBO)


Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller, Paranormal, Supernatural


1 Seasons Available (10 Episodes)

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About This Series

A group of young people venture through a place lost in time and full of mysteries to unravel. Starring Caroline Abras, Daniel Rocha, Carolina Manica, James Turpin and Rodrigo Bolzan.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Caroline Abras, Rodrigo Bolzan, Thalles Cabral

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