The Wayans Bros.
5 Seasons

The Wayans Bros.

: Two young brothers try their wings in New York.

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1. Goop-Hair-It-Is

Shawn's new hair-care product makes a big impression during a live commercial.

First Class
2. First Class

When Marlon is mistaken for athlete John Starkes, he ends up with Starkes' first...

I'm Too Sexy for My Brother
3. I'm Too Sexy for My Brother

When Marlon decides to go into modeling, Shawn wants a piece of the action too.

Free Wally
4. Free Wally

Marlon's pesky interference in Shawn and Lisa's relationship causes the couple a...

My Fair Marlon
5. My Fair Marlon

Shawn helps Marlon woo a sophisticated woman, but complications develop when she...

Pops Moves In
6. Pops Moves In

When Pops moves in with Shawn and Marlon, it's just like when they were kids -- ...

Afro Cab
7. Afro Cab

Shawn and Marlon start their own taxi company but soon find a few roadblocks to ...

The Shawn-Shank Redemption
8. The Shawn-Shank Redemption

When Shawn and Marlon buy an expensive piece of jewelry instead of paying their ...

9. ER

Marlon pretends to be Shawn to get treated at the hospital, but the plan becomes...

The Poppa-Cabana
10. The Poppa-Cabana

Pops takes a vacation in Atlantic City, but leaving the diner in Marlon's care i...

It's Shawn! It's Marlon! It's Superboys!
11. It's Shawn! It's Marlon! It's Superboys!

Shawn and Marlon get unexpected results when they complain to their obnoxious la...

Pulp Marlon
12. Pulp Marlon

Marlon's got a sexy new girlfriend -- but she's got a dangerous secret that gets...

Brazilla vs. Rodney
13. Brazilla vs. Rodney

When Shawn and Marlon start a children's entertainment business, they meet some ...

The Wayans Bros.




5 Seasons Available (101 Episodes)

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About This Series

Brothers Shawn and Marlon are on the lookout for money and success, though the two are complete opposites. Shawn is responsible and conservative while Marlon is free-spirited and liberal. They are not immune to sibling rivalry, but frequently enjoy being each other's partner in crime.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, John Witherspoon

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