This is Luna
1 Seasons
Romantic Comedy

This is Luna

: After landing a job as a horoscope columnist, Luna discovers a connection to her tarot deck that only further complicates her life.

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The Sun
1. The Sun

After accepting a job as a horoscope columnist, aspiring journalist Luna takes a...

The Dog
2. The Dog

After her "Gypsy Clara" column goes viral, Luna must prove to her boss Clarice t...

The Fish
3. The Fish

In the middle of a reading, Luna's life descends into chaos after a white lie ca...

The Cross
4. The Cross

After the sudden death of their landlord, Luna and Sabrina scramble to figure ou...

The Child
5. The Child

Luna's plan to secure Viny and Dante's interests is thwarted when they pitch a d...

The Ring
6. The Ring

Desperate to retrieve her deck, Luna is enveloped in chaos as she struggles to d...

The Serpent
7. The Serpent

After Marissol's wedding inspires a film idea, Luna must choose between defendin...

The Gypsy
8. The Gypsy

Luna faces the possibility of losing her friends for good after Clarice demands ...

The Clover
9. The Clover

Stuck in personal and professional crises, Luna turns to the cards for guidance,...

The Heart
10. The Heart

Despite Ms. Cecília's warning about the cards' magic, Luna embraces her inner jo...

This is Luna


Comedy, Romantic Comedy


1 Seasons Available (10 Episodes)

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About This Series

After landing an interview at a São Paulo news website, 21-year-old Luna believes her dreams of becoming a journalist are finally coming true. But when the company shows more interest in her unique heritage than her promise as a journalist, Luna is offered a job as a horoscope columnist instead. When she accepts the position, Luna must contend with one major problem: she has absolutely no experience as a fortune teller. With help from her grandmother's prized tarot deck, Luna is thrown into a brand-new world of talking cards, love triangles and a newfound talent that could change her destiny.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Marina Moschen, Bruna Inocencio, Priscila Lima, Léo Bittencourt, Rosi Campos, Rosi Campos, Romaní, Maria Gueiros, Luana Martau

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