Step by Step
7 Seasons
Family Laughs

Step by Step

: Two mismatched single parents fall in love, marry and move in together with their six mismatched kids.

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1. Pilot

While vacationing in the Caribbean, Frank and Carol get married, and when they r...

The Dance
2. The Dance

Al's date for the school dance is the infamous nerd, Steve Urkel.

Rules of the House
3. Rules of the House

Noticing a lack of discipline among her new family, Carol institutes some househ...

First Anniversary
4. First Anniversary

To Carol's disappointment, Frank doesn't see any significance to their one-month...

Frank and Son
5. Frank and Son

Frank wants his son, J.T., to work in his construction business, but J.T. would ...

Pulling Together
6. Pulling Together

Frank isn't pleased when he learns that Carol wants her family to join his famil...

Yo-Yo's Wedding
7. Yo-Yo's Wedding

Frank and Carol repeat their wedding vows, but who's that guy dressed as a clown?

Just for Kicks
8. Just for Kicks

Dana defies her mother and goes to a rough nightclub, and immediately gets in tr...

Into the Woods
9. Into the Woods

Frank wants the family to do more things together, but the camping trip he plans...

Mixed Messages
10. Mixed Messages

Karen's failure to give Frank an important message almost results in his death.

A Day in the Life
11. A Day in the Life

A television crew doing a program on blended families pays a visit to the Lamber...

The New Car
12. The New Car

When Frank and Carol purchase a new car for the family, J.T. immediately "borrow...

Getting Organized
13. Getting Organized

Carol transfers all of Frank's disorganized business records into a computer sys...

Home Alone
14. Home Alone

When Frank and Carol leave Dana in charge of the children for a weekend, a quiet...

Drive, He Said
15. Drive, He Said

Soon after Dana gets her driver's license, she and Frank are nearly involved in ...

Bully for Mark
16. Bully for Mark

The Lambert family members try to help Mark defend himself against a school bull...

The Boys in the Band
17. The Boys in the Band

When the girls in Al's metal band catch the flu on the night of their debut conc...

School Daze
18. School Daze

When Carol starts attending school full-time, Frank takes over her household cho...

Country Club
19. Country Club

The Lamberts are invited to join the Port Washington Country Club, but Frank, Ca...

Daddy's Girl
20. Daddy's Girl

When Bill Lambert presents his beautiful young fiancé, Luanne Dexter, his son Fr...

He Wanted Wings
21. He Wanted Wings

Frank and Carol are enjoying Frank's first flying lesson until they realize they...

Beauty Contest
22. Beauty Contest

Carol and Karen enter a mother/daughter beauty contest at Frank's men's club and...

Step by Step


Comedy, Family Laughs, Teen Comedy, Classic Comedy, Kids & Family


7 Seasons Available (160 Episodes)

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About This Series

When two mismatched single parents fall in love, marry and move in together with their six mismatched kids, they hope it's only a matter of time until they all come to love their new life.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Patrick Duffy, Suzanne Somers, Brandon Call, Staci Keanan, Angela Watson, Christine Lakin, Christopher Castile

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