100 Foot Wave (HBO)
2 Seasons

100 Foot Wave (HBO)

: Surfing pioneer Garrett McNamara's quest to conquer a 100-foot wave and its transformation of Nazare, Portugal, is detailed in this series.

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Chapter I - Sea Monsters
1. Chapter I - Sea Monsters

After discovering Nazaré, Portugal’s monstrous swells, pro surfer Garrett McNama...

Chapter II - We're Not Surfers
2. Chapter II - We're Not Surfers

Despite unexpected setbacks during their second season in Nazaré, Garrett catche...

Chapter III - Mavericks
3. Chapter III - Mavericks

Brazilian surfers new to Nazaré fail to heed safety advice, while Garrett's own ...

Chapter IV - Dancing With God
4. Chapter IV - Dancing With God

In 2017, Nazaré’s largest swell to date paves the way for a broken record -- and...

Chapter V - The Circus
5. Chapter V - The Circus

As the world's top surfers arrive in Nazaré for the WSL’s Tow Surfing Challenge,...

Chapter VI - Icarus
6. Chapter VI - Icarus

After the WSL competition abruptly ends, the athletes reflect on their beloved, ...

100 Foot Wave (HBO)


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2 Seasons Available (12 Episodes)

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About This Series

Garrett McNamara journeyed to Nazare, Portugal, with one goal in mind: to conquer a 100-foot wave. His effort drove the sport of surfing to new heights and helped transform a tiny fishing village into the world's preeminent big-wave surfing destination. From HBO Sports comes this breathtaking six-part documentary series that chronicles McNamara's quest.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Garrett McNamara, Nicole McNamara

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