Kendra Sells Hollywood
2 Seasons
Food & Home
Pop Culture & Celebrity

Kendra Sells Hollywood

: Kendra Wilkinson has just eight weeks to prove that she has what it takes to join the world of Hollywood real estate.

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Single Mom Hustle
1. Single Mom Hustle

Kendra Wilkinson aims to impress her prospective new team at one of Los Angeles'...

Business or Pleasure
2. Business or Pleasure

Kendra is off to an awkward start when she can't tell if one of her leads is str...

Paparazzi Pains
3. Paparazzi Pains

Kendra meets a rival for her rolodex and makes a heartbreaking decision over lov...

Won't You Be My Mentor?
4. Won't You Be My Mentor?

Kendra seeks help from an unlikely ally to prepare for what could be the biggest...

Old Habits Die Hard
5. Old Habits Die Hard

Kendra's new attitude is crushed when her team feels betrayed that she went to a...

Split Decisions
6. Split Decisions

Given one last chance, Kendra must choose between her kids and her career on the...

Kendra Sells Hollywood


Food & Home, Pop Culture & Celebrity, Buying & Selling


2 Seasons Available (8 Episodes)

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About This Series

Kendra Wilkinson embarks on a new career in real estate with only eight weeks to land a spot on one of the most prestigious property firms in the world. She must rise above her old party-girl past to prove she's got what it takes to sell Hollywood.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Kendra Wilkinson

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