Dream Raider
1 Seasons
Mystery & Suspense

Dream Raider

: In the near future, criminals hack the minds of others to commit more crimes, but the only people who can stop them are the Dream Raiders.

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Prisoner 4894
1. Prisoner 4894

A case involving missing girls leads Detective Li Xiao to the one person who may...

Dreamscape's Battleground
2. Dreamscape's Battleground

While investigating the alleged mass suicides of two unrelated groups, the Dream...

An Exclusive Love Experience
3. An Exclusive Love Experience

When the Dream Raider team tries to defuse a suicide bomber's inner turmoil, the...

A Secret Mountain Facility
4. A Secret Mountain Facility

Rhyzen's CEO approaches the Dream Raider team for help after he finds out his co...

The Girl Who Shines
5. The Girl Who Shines

Li Xiao meets a mysterious girl who might be linked to the worldwide criminal or...

The Avenger
6. The Avenger

A terrorist forces Li Xiao to help in his quest for revenge, and An-Ya unleashes...

Mind Maze
7. Mind Maze

An-Ya and Tian-Li both revisit the past in the dreamscapes of others, while Li X...

The Gate
8. The Gate

With thousands of lives at stake, the Dream Raiders fight to stop Qi-Feng from c...

Dream Raider


Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Fantasy & Sci-Fi


1 Seasons Available (8 Episodes)

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About This Series

After a series of mind-boggling crimes, hard-nosed detective Li Xiao is forced to seek help from disgraced professor Dr. Tian-Li Cheng, who is a decade into his prison sentence, and his estranged daughter An-Ya, an expert neural engineer. Using Tian-Li’s groundbreaking dream raiding machine, which allows users to search for clues in the dreamscapes of the conscious and unconscious, the trio embarks on a twisting and dangerous journey -- with personal consequences. As their mysterious foe claims more victims, the Dream Raiders must overcome their differences, push past their boundaries and step foot where no man has gone before: the human mind.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Freeman Xiang, Wang Shih-Hsien, David Wang, Weber Yang, Ellen Wu, Wu Ke-Xi, Aggie Hsieh, Chung Cheng-Chun, Vivian Hsu, Kunimura Jun

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