Planet Earth
1 Seasons
Science & Nature

Planet Earth

: David Attenborough narrates this highly-acclaimed series exploring the natural world of the planet.

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Pole to Pole
1. Pole to Pole

David Attenborough narrates this unique view of the planet from north to south.

2. Mountains

Animals that have adapted to the special survival challenges of high-altitude li...

Fresh Water
3. Fresh Water

Animals featured include snow geese, swimming monkeys, giant salamanders and riv...

4. Caves

Cave systems around the world are home to geologic features and animals that rem...

5. Deserts

A tour of deserts features camels in the Gobi, guanacos in the Atacama and a blo...

Ice Worlds
6. Ice Worlds

Animals living at the poles are featured, including killer whales, polar bears a...

Great Plains
7. Great Plains

The earth's extensive grasslands are featured, including the Sahel in Africa and...

8. Forests

Plants take center stage in this exploration of coniferous and deciduous forests.

9. Jungles

Among the rain-forest animals featured are jaguars, gibbons and flying frogs.

Shallow Seas
10. Shallow Seas

Spectacular storm photography is among the highlights of this exploration of the...

Deep Ocean
11. Deep Ocean

Animals featured include blue whales, vampire squid, dolphins, manta rays, lante...

The Making of Planet Earth
12. The Making of Planet Earth

The making of the sprawling, ambitious series is documented.

Planet Earth


Science & Nature, Wildlife, Extraordinary Planet


1 Seasons Available (12 Episodes)

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About This Series

David Attenborough narrates this highly-acclaimed, big-budget documentary series exploring the natural world of the entire planet. Each of the episodes explores a different habitat, focusing on how living creatures deal with the unique challenges posed by each environment.

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Starring: David Attenborough

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