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: Bam, Redbird, Bibi, Batwing, and Buff are thrust into hilarious hijinks as they learn important lessons.

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Secret Origin of the Batwheels
1. Secret Origin of the Batwheels

The newly-minted Batwheels must defend the Batcave and face off with the Legion ...

Stop That Ducky!
2. Stop That Ducky!

After snagging an ultra-fuel-cell upgrade, Penguin’s Ducky Boat has become the f...

Buff's BFF
3. Buff's BFF

When Buff befriends Mr. Freeze’s snow crawler Snowy, the other Batwheels don't w...

Up in the Air
4. Up in the Air

After crashing the Batwing. Bam becomes obsessed with making it up to her -- dur...

Bibi's Do-over
5. Bibi's Do-over

Everyone is ecstatic when Bibi, Batgirl, and Robin capture Toyman and his Do-Ove...

Sidekicked to the Curb
6. Sidekicked to the Curb

When Bam discovers that Redbird secretly tagged along to take on Prank, he’s ups...

Keep Calm and Roll On
7. Keep Calm and Roll On

After Jestah’s insults get the best of her, a short-tempered Bibi tries not to l...

Bam's Upgrade
8. Bam's Upgrade

Feeling neglected after being passed over on missions, Bam asks MOE to install e...

Redbird's Bogus Beach Day
9. Redbird's Bogus Beach Day

Redbird is excited to visit the coast with Bam, Batman and Robin, but the Joker ...

Cave Sweet Cave
10. Cave Sweet Cave

After the Joker floods the Batcave, the Batwheels must relocate to a nearby park...

11. Scaredy-Bat

When Batman refuses to race with the Joker, Prank goads Bam into a rematch. Can ...

Riddle Me This
12. Riddle Me This

Redbird must learn to speak up and share his ideas with the Batwheels if they ho...

13. Zoomsday

The Legion of Zoom is tired of always losing, so they decide to take a page from...

Rev and Let Rev
14. Rev and Let Rev

Redbird sacrificed his stealth muffler tech to sound like the other Batwheels, b...

Batcomputer for a Day
15. Batcomputer for a Day

When Batcomputer shuts down for a system update, the other Batwheels must take o...

Grass is Greener
16. Grass is Greener

MOE wants to know what it's like to be a member of the Batwheels, but the bot ge...

Holidays on Ice
17. Holidays on Ice

Batwing decides to “go solo” to thwart Mr. Freeze’s evil Christmas-time plot. Ba...

Bam's Clawful Mistake
18. Bam's Clawful Mistake

Bam brings Catwoman's Catmobile, Kitty, to life so the Batwheels can have even t...

Harley Did It
19. Harley Did It

Everyone assumes that Harley Quinn is the culprit in a recent burglary. Bibi and...

Buff in a China Shop
20. Buff in a China Shop

Buff trains with Batwing to improve his gracefulness and uses her lessons on a d...

A Tale of Two Bibis
21. A Tale of Two Bibis

Badcomputer captures Bibi and disguises Jestah to take her place with the Batwhe...

Batty Race
22. Batty Race

When the Legion of Zoom plan to cheat their way to winning the Gotham Grand Prix...



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1 Seasons Available (22 Episodes)

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About This Series

While helping Batman, Robin, and Batgirl defend Gotham, Bam, Redbird, Bibi, Batwing and Buff are thrust into hilarious hijinks and jaw-dropping action as they learn important lessons about teamwork, friendship, and so much more.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Noah Bentley, Jacob Bertrand, Ethan Hawke, AJ Hudson, Madigan Kacmar

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