Dawson's Creek
6 Seasons
Teen Drama

Dawson's Creek

: Four teenagers confront issues of mortality, infidelity, homosexuality and betrayal while growing up in a rapidly changing world.

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Dawson's Creek
1. Dawson's Creek

A pair of childhood friends must cope with their emerging sexuality.

Dirty Dancing
2. Dirty Dancing

Dawson becomes jealous when Jen accepts a date with someone else. Tamara and Pac...

A Prelude to a Kiss
3. A Prelude to a Kiss

As he's forced to work on a rival's film, Dawson plots to record his own first k...

Carnal Knowledge
4. Carnal Knowledge

After taping Tamara's encounter with an unknown partner and then learning of his...

5. Hurricane

Preparations for a big hurricane expose the truth about Mrs. Leery's affair.

6. Baby

As word of Pacey's affair with Tamara gets out, Bessie must seek help from grams...

Breakfast Club
7. Breakfast Club

The brewing conflicts among Dawson and his friends erupt during their detention.

Escape From New York
8. Escape From New York

Jen's old boyfriend arrives unexpectedly and Dawson's parents struggle with thei...

In the Company of Men
9. In the Company of Men

Jen's old boyfriend takes Dawson and Pacey to a nightclub; upon finding herself ...

Modern Romance
10. Modern Romance

Dawson arranges a double date with Jen and her new boyfriend. An extra credit as...

Friday the 13th
11. Friday the 13th

While Dawson is preparing to celebrate Friday the 13th, a serial killer is rumor...

Pretty Woman
12. Pretty Woman

Joey gets noticed when she enters a beauty pageant, which Pacey also enters on t...

Breaking Away
13. Breaking Away

An offer for Joey to study abroad forces her and Dawson to reconsider their feel...

Dawson's Creek


Drama, Teen Drama, Classics


6 Seasons Available (128 Episodes)

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About This Series

Confronting issues of mortality, infidelity, homosexuality and betrayal, Dawson's Creek presents the poignant stories of teenagers growing up in a rapidly changing world as it follows the relationships of a tight-knit group of friends in a small Massachusetts town to college in Boston and beyond.

Cast and Crew

Starring: James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, Mary Peil, Kerr Smith, Meredith Monroe, Busy Philipps

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