Enlightened (HBO)
2 Seasons
Dark Comedy

Enlightened (HBO)

: Laura Dern is a professional who returns to work with a new perspective after an on-the-job breakdown in this HBO original series.

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1. Pilot

Corporate employee Laura Dern starts a new life after suffering an on-the-job me...

Now or Never
2. Now or Never

Amy's hopes to land a dream job take a hit, as do her attempts to reform her ex-...

Someone Else's Life
3. Someone Else's Life

Fed up with her humiliation at Abaddonn, Amy considers leaving the company for a...

The Weekend
4. The Weekend

Wary that she may revert to her hard-partying ways, Amy talks Levi into taking a...

Not Good Enough Mothers
5. Not Good Enough Mothers

Moved by the deportation plight of a Mexican mother, Amy tries to generate inter...

6. Sandy

Amy embraces a kindred spirit when a fellow group-therapy alumna (Robin Wright) ...

Lonely Ghosts
7. Lonely Ghosts

Amy and Tyler confront the emptiness in their lives and Dougie looks to cash in ...

Comrades Unite!
8. Comrades Unite!

Amy and Dougie's conflict comes to a head and Amy asks Krista for a favor.

Consider Helen
9. Consider Helen

While Amy is at work, her mother Helen runs into an old acquaintance and gets an...

Burn It Down
10. Burn It Down

Amy convinces an out-of-control Levi to get help, and lobbies Tyler to help her ...

Enlightened (HBO)


Comedy, Dark Comedy, Drama, Family Relationships


2 Seasons Available (18 Episodes)

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About This Series

Amy Jellicoe was a successful corporate buyer. Then she lost control and found herself in the process. Laura Dern stars in this HBO series as Amy who returns from a treatment facility after having a breakdown at work. Given a demeaning new position and surrounded by skeptical co-workers, Amy moves forward as an "agent of change" amid a glut of corporate abuse and corruption.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Laura Dern, Luke Wilson, Diane Ladd, Sarah Burns

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