Falling Skies
5 Seasons
Space & Beyond

Falling Skies

: A group of survivors forms a resistance movement after an alien invasion.

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Live and Learn
1. Live and Learn

The world is left in tatters after a sudden and unexplained alien invasion, leav...

The Armory
2. The Armory

Tom, Hal and their squad encounter a gang of marauders determined to get their h...

Prisoner of War
3. Prisoner of War

During a rescue mission that could mean the survival of his family, Tom has a ha...

4. Grace

After reluctantly agreeing to bring Pope along on a mission, Tom and his men are...

Silent Kill
5. Silent Kill

Hal comes up with a risky and dangerous plan to infiltrate a skitter's lair and ...

Sanctuary Part 1
6. Sanctuary Part 1

A resistance leader warns of a coming alien assault. With time running out, the ...

Sanctuary Part 2
7. Sanctuary Part 2

When Mike stumbles upon about the horrifying truth about Clayton's farm, he and ...

What Hides Beneath
8. What Hides Beneath

Anne makes an astonishing discovery when she autopsies a skitter carcass, and Po...

9. Mutiny

Escalating tensions between Weaver and Tom threaten to tear the 2nd Mass apart o...

Eight Hours
10. Eight Hours

Hal, Weaver, Pope and others embark on the 2nd Mass' most ambitious assault, whi...

Falling Skies


Drama, Space & Beyond, Fantasy & Sci-Fi


5 Seasons Available (52 Episodes)

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About This Series

A group of survivors forms a resistance movement after an alien invasion.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton, Drew Roy, Connor Jessup, Maxim Knight

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