4 Seasons
Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Space & Beyond


: A team of investigators led by the enigmatic Captain Jack Harkness use scavenged alien technology to solve crime both alien and human.

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Everything Changes
1. Everything Changes

When WPC Gwen Cooper witnesses the resurrection of a murder victim, it begins he...

Day One
2. Day One

An alien addicted to sex is let loose on Cardiff's nightlife, leaving a trail of...

Ghost Machine
3. Ghost Machine

When Gwen retrieves an alien object from a fleeing hoodie, she's haunted by a vi...

4. Cyberwoman

In the basement of the Torchwood building, Ianto Jones hides a terrible secret.

Small Worlds
5. Small Worlds

Supernatural forces stalk the suburbs of Cardiff, but are they friendly or malev...

6. Countrycide

Concerned that the space-time rift is spreading, Torchwood investigates a series...

Greeks Bearing Gifts
7. Greeks Bearing Gifts

Toshiko is given an alien pendant which enables her to hear other people's thoughts.

They Keep Killing Suzie
8. They Keep Killing Suzie

Torchwood is linked to a series of brutal murders around the city. It becomes cl...

Random Shoes
9. Random Shoes

When Eugene wakes to find himself dead and invisible to the rest of the world, h...

Out of Time
10. Out of Time

When a plane from 1953 makes an unexpected landing in present-day Cardiff, its t...

11. Combat

Savage aliens are being kidnapped from the streets of Cardiff and Torchwood want...

Captain Jack Harkness
12. Captain Jack Harkness

While investigating reports of ghostly music, Jack and Toshiko find themselves s...

End of Days
13. End of Days

The rift has been opened, and time is splintering all over the world. The Torchw...



Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Space & Beyond


4 Seasons Available (41 Episodes)

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About This Series

Torchwood follows the adventures of a team of investigators led by the enigmatic Captain Jack Harkness. Set in the UK in the present day, the team uses scavenged alien technology to solve crime both alien and human.

Cast and Crew

Starring: John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd, Naoko Mori, Burn Gorman, Mekhi Phifer

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