Mr. Pickles
4 Seasons
Adult Animation

Mr. Pickles

: Tommy Goodman and his best friend, his family's lovable dog Mr. Pickles, roam around the old-fashioned world of Old Town together.

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Tommy's Big Job
1. Tommy's Big Job

Tommy falls for a young farmer girl, but she's not interested in a man without a...

Father's Day Pie
2. Father's Day Pie

When Mr. Goodman's Father's Day pie goes missing, Tommy and Mr. Pickles set out ...

Foul Ball
3. Foul Ball

The Goodmans go to a baseball game, and Tommy hopes to catch a highly sought aft...

The Cheeseman
4. The Cheeseman

The Goodmans go on a family camping trip and Tommy learns the frightening legend...

Dead Man's Curve
5. Dead Man's Curve

Tommy goes to enter the soapbox derby and meets an old time greaser in need of h...

Loose Tooth
6. Loose Tooth

Tommy sets out with Mr. Pickles to lose his tooth so he can meet the Tooth Fairy...

Grandpa's Night Out
7. Grandpa's Night Out

Grandpa wakes up hungover and soon finds out that he made a horrible mistake the...

8. Coma

Mr. Goodman wonders how easy his life would be if he were a dog, and when he get...

Where Is Mr. Pickles?
9. Where Is Mr. Pickles?

Mr. Pickles gets dog-napped as a gang of bounty hunters race to collect the boun...

The Lair
10. The Lair

Grandpa is on a quest to discover what really goes on inside Mr. Pickles' doghou...

Mr. Pickles


Adult Animation, Comedy, Offbeat, Dark Comedy


4 Seasons Available (31 Episodes)

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About This Series

Mr. Pickles is in the small, old-fashioned world of Old Town, which is slowly being taken over by the modern world. Tommy Goodman's best friend is his Border Collie, Mr. Pickles. The two roam around Old Town together.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Will Carsola, Dave Stewart, Dave Stewart, Will Carsola, Kaitlyn Robrock

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