Sweet Life: Los Angeles
2 Seasons
Pop Culture & Celebrity

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

: A group of friends pursue their dreams in the heart of South Los Angeles, exploring what it means to be young, Black and ambitious.

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Sweet Life
1. Sweet Life

As Tylynn prepares for her "Black Is Back" event, the crew discusses potential f...

Good Vibes Only
2. Good Vibes Only

With the air freshly cleared and lines between flirty and friendly blurred, the ...

You Got Me F**ked Up
3. You Got Me F**ked Up

After P'Jae's showstopping arrival at Amanda's Palm Springs birthday weekend lea...

A Seat at the Table
4. A Seat at the Table

Inspired by the crew's hustle, Bri considers launching her own business -- and f...

Moving In, Moving Out, Moving On
5. Moving In, Moving Out, Moving On

While Jordan and Jerrold confront their respective relationship hang-ups, Bri de...

Once Upon a Time in Sexico
6. Once Upon a Time in Sexico

Friendships are tested when Ty brings two different circles together for her 26t...

No Cabo Cuddles
7. No Cabo Cuddles

Ty wrangles Candiss' over-the top-drama as Cheryl's alter-ego makes an appearance.

Low-Key Privileged
8. Low-Key Privileged

Ty and Amanda grill P'Jae about how he treated Becky in Cabo. Bri and Jordan sea...

Are We Even Friends?
9. Are We Even Friends?

Success is in the air as P'Jae's block party goes off without a hitch.

The Group Chat
10. The Group Chat

After a welcome from Issa Rae, the cast sits down with Kamie Crawford to bond an...

Sweet Life: Los Angeles


Reality, Pop Culture & Celebrity


2 Seasons Available (20 Episodes)

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About This Series

Executive producer Issa Rae (HBO Max's Rap Sh!t, HBO's Insecure) presents her first-ever reality series, a fun and unique look at what it means to be young, Black and full of ambition in the heart of South LA. Following a group of long-time friends, Sweet Life: Los Angeles finds the crew balancing their relationships and careers as they embrace the realities of adulthood, showcasing all their relatable, sometimes stumbling mid-20s moments along the way. Through the joys and struggles alike, they stay focused on the end-goal: cementing their legacies in the city where they grew up.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Jordan Bentley, Tylynn Burns, P’Jae Compton, Cheryl Des Vignes, Briana Jones, Amanda Scott, Jerrold Smith, Jaylenn Hart, Rebecca Magett, Rob Lee, Myami Woods, Candiss Hart, Keilan Horton, Marcus Peterson

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