Property Brothers
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Property Brothers

: Jonathan and Drew Scott help families buy a house to make their dream home. From HGTV.

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Family Fixer-Upper
1. Family Fixer-Upper

These homeowners have run out of room and are in search of a suburban home with ...

Vintage Clothes, Vintage Homes
2. Vintage Clothes, Vintage Homes

Clothing designers, Kieron and Emma, are searching for a downtown property with ...

Victorian Dream House
3. Victorian Dream House

A couple crashing at a friend's place are searching for a gracious Victorian to ...

Honeymoon Retreat
4. Honeymoon Retreat

A couple is searching for a fixer upper and hoping to renovate it before they wa...

Leaving the Suburbs
5. Leaving the Suburbs

A family hopes to move closer to the husband's work but finding a move-in ready ...

Run-down Renovation
6. Run-down Renovation

A family with a long wish list searches for a sprawling dream home where they ca...

Downtown Dump to Dream Home
7. Downtown Dump to Dream Home

Homeowners search for a property in the city with suburban amenities to shorten ...

Contemporary Fixer-Upper
8. Contemporary Fixer-Upper

A couple with twins on the way searches for a contemporary suburban home that su...

Bachelor Pad to Family Home
9. Bachelor Pad to Family Home

Newlyweds look to move out of a bachelor pad and find a family home to renovate.

Out on Their Own
10. Out on Their Own

New parents try to find the perfect home to renovate so they can get out on thei...

Townhouse to Dream House
11. Townhouse to Dream House

Homeowners wish to move out of their tiny townhouse and into a dream home with a...

Another Renovation Plan
12. Another Renovation Plan

A couple decides if they can live through a renovation to turn a new house into ...

Moving Out of Mom's
13. Moving Out of Mom's

A couple hopes to move out of their in-laws and into a move-in ready home of the...

Property Brothers


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14 Seasons Available (193 Episodes)

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About This Series

Contractor Jonathan Scott and real estate expert Drew Scott combine their skills to help families find and buy a house to transform into their dream home. Drew finds them three homes to choose from, each in need of a major renovation, and Jonathan's incredible design plans help them to see the hidden potential and ditch their long turnkey wish lists. Will these homebuyers regret throwing caution to the wind? And will the Property Brothers finish their ambitious project on time and on budget?

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Starring: Drew Scott, Jonathan Scott

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