Men of a Certain Age
2 Seasons

Men of a Certain Age

: Three male friends experience the changes and challenges of midlife.

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1. Pilot

Three middle-aged guys decide it's time to get in better shape by going on a reg...

Let It Go
2. Let It Go

Joe has been living in a hotel since separating from his wife but he's starting ...

Mind's Eye
3. Mind's Eye

Joe, who has become unusually obsessed with the size of his nose, tries to conne...

The New Guy
4. The New Guy

Owen and Melissa join Sonia and her boyfriend for a charity function at their ch...

5. Powerless

The construction at Owen's house is shut down by the city when it is discovered ...

Go with the Flow
6. Go with the Flow

Joe recounts the tale of the first date he's gone on in 20 years

Father's Fraternity
7. Father's Fraternity

Joe goes to see his retired father, who gives new meaning to the word grumpy.

You Gonna Do That the Rest of Your Life?
8. You Gonna Do That the Rest of Your Life?

Joe's bookie finds out Joe used to be a professional golfer and decides to use h...

How to Be an All-Star
9. How to Be an All-Star

Joe is desperate to buy a house after his son's anxiety issues worsen. Terry fac...

Back in the S#!t
10. Back in the S#!t

Joe's new house causes him financial problems. Owen and his father have it out. ...

Men of a Certain Age


Drama, Comedy, Classics


2 Seasons Available (22 Episodes)

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About This Series

Joe, Terry and Owen's college days together seem a long time ago even though the succeeding years have passed quickly. Still best friends, they have formed a different bond with all the changes and challenges of midlife as they lean on one another through the second act. Slightly neurotic and a recently separated father of two, Joe once harbored dreams of pro golf stardom but now owns and runs a party store; perpetual bachelor Terry, laid-back and handsome, has breezed through life as an actor, an office temp and a yoga instructor; and Owen is a stressed-out husband and father who works as a car salesman for his overbearing father.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Ray Romano, Scott Bakula, Andre Braugher

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