The Carbonaro Effect
4 Seasons

The Carbonaro Effect

: The Carbonaro Effect features Michael Carbonaro performing tricks on the unsuspecting public, caught on camera.

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Just Made History
1. Just Made History

Michael poses as a hipster at a farmers market and makes an endless supply of juice.

Dangerously Drinkable
2. Dangerously Drinkable

Michael astounds dental patients with molar radio transmissions, and while appra...

Japanese Waterless Folding Toilet
3. Japanese Waterless Folding Toilet

Michael stretches headphone cords and reality with a mystical putty and stuns a ...

The Albino Corn Snake Viper Patrol
4. The Albino Corn Snake Viper Patrol

Working at a tattoo parlor, Michael gets some killer ink in a flash. Then, it's ...

Amvox 73
5. Amvox 73

Michael unearths a mutant turtle from a mystical Peruvian clay and a woman is bl...

Turn to Gold
6. Turn to Gold

A miraculous liquid gives Michael the Midas touch in an eyeglass store.

Take the Mirror
7. Take the Mirror

Michael's candy shop customers witness a live scorpion get freed from a lollipop...

Sierra Volcano
8. Sierra Volcano

Michael performs a revolutionary skin treatment that turns back time.

The Doughy Parts
9. The Doughy Parts

At an office, Michael goes from suave to slacker in the blink of an eye. Then at...

That's Voodoo
10. That's Voodoo

Michael wows mall shoppers with snakes that soothe and spiders that stitch and a...

Catch the Flü
11. Catch the Flü

At a yard sale, Michael helps a man realize his amazing mind powers and shocks a...

Deep Space Air
12. Deep Space Air

While doing scientific research, Michael makes things heavy with some otherworld...

13. Fishguise

At a local copy shop, Michael introduces a print-by-hand technique. At a bait an...

14. EggShaq

Michael unveils the ancient mystery behind bowling balls and later does the worl...

Dead Man Walking
15. Dead Man Walking

While posing as a cook, Michael warms up his vocal chords to serenade a clam out...

I Am Ogle Thorpe
16. I Am Ogle Thorpe

When Michael opens a shocking package at a warehouse, a man goes hog wild. One w...

The Framing Canon
17. The Framing Canon

While working at a frame store, Michael becomes a piece of art. And later, a wom...

Skull with a Flower Hat
18. Skull with a Flower Hat

While posing as a security guard, Michael turns a metal detector into a microwav...

Warthogs, WogHearts and Hogwarts
19. Warthogs, WogHearts and Hogwarts

Michael refreshes stale nachos, peels back the truth behind a fake bill and unve...

A Positive Presence
20. A Positive Presence

Michael serves up a drink that can eat away at anything and a cleanse so organic...

Top Priority of NASA
21. Top Priority of NASA

Michael pushes a soup machine fit for space travel. Then he reveals a shocking D...

Drone Care
22. Drone Care

Working as a florist, Michael nukes flowers, sheds light on frog mutation and tu...

Sets Itself, Lights Itself
23. Sets Itself, Lights Itself

Michael loses a credit card in a series of absorbing containers and he shakes of...

A Living Trilobite
24. A Living Trilobite

As a bank teller, Michael proves chipmunks are nature's accountants.

House of Horrors
25. House of Horrors

Michael reveals a coffee-making app, gets textually active with the world's thin...

He's a Professional Dude
26. He's a Professional Dude

While remodeling a home, Michael silences a co-worker with a traveling squeak.

Critter Countdown
27. Critter Countdown

The Carbonaro Effect features Michael Carbonaro, who ranks the top appearances a...

Top 5 Freakouts
28. Top 5 Freakouts

The Carbonaro Effect features Michael Carbonaro, who rates the best five reactio...

Secret Stash
29. Secret Stash

The Carbonaro Effect features Michael Carbonaro. Michael unveils never before se...

Behind the Curtain
30. Behind the Curtain

The Carbonaro Effect features Michael Carbonaro. Michael shares behind the scene...

The Carbonaro Effect


Reality, Comedy, Magic


4 Seasons Available (89 Episodes)

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About This Series

The Carbonaro Effect features Michael Carbonaro, magician by trade and prankster at heart. In each episode, Michael performs ingenious tricks on unsuspecting members of the public, all caught on hidden camera. Whether posing as a barista, museum curator or seemingly unremarkable store clerk, Michael Carbonaro's Effect on people will have you laughing out loud.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Michael Carbonaro

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