Chewing Gum
2 Seasons

Chewing Gum

: A religious, Beyoncé-obsessed 24-year-old is fast to find out that the more she learns about the world, the less she understands.

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Sex and Violence
1. Sex and Violence

Tracey plans to go all the way with her reluctant and devout fiancé, Ronald, unt...

2. Binned

Tracey's first sexual encounter leaves her panicked about pregnancy. She also ne...

3. Possession

Tracey takes the chance to improve her future and heads off to a recruitment day...

The Unicorn
4. The Unicorn

Connor's having trouble in the bedroom. Tracey decides a threesome is the next s...

The Last Supper
5. The Last Supper

Tracey's cousin, Boy Tracy, pays a visit and surprises in more ways than one. Co...

Tolled Road
6. Tolled Road

Connor wants Tracey to move in with him, but she's busy trying to stop her siste...

Chewing Gum


Comedy, Offbeat


2 Seasons Available (12 Episodes)

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About This Series

Tracey Gordon is a 24-year-old religious, Beyoncé-obsessed virgin. Growing up through the church, with her strict preacher mother, she has ended up rather "underdeveloped" in certain areas -- but Tracey wants more. Follow Tracey as she embarks on her journey into adulthood, crashing her way through what she should and shouldn’t be doing.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Michaela Coel, Robert Lonsdale

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