True Blood (HBO)
7 Seasons
Fantasy & Sci-Fi

True Blood (HBO)

: Anna Paquin stars in this series as a telepathic waitress in the near future, in which vampires -- and various other creatures -- live among us.

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Strange Love
1. Strange Love

Across the country, vampires have come "out of the coffin" after the invention o...

The First Taste
2. The First Taste

Bill returns Sookie's favor by rescuing her from the Rattrays' revenge. Later, B...

3. Mine

Foiled in their attempt to "glamour" Sookie, vampires Malcolm, Liam and Diane ma...

Escape From Dragon House
4. Escape From Dragon House

Another killing in Bon Temps finds Jason back in custody with officers Andy and Bud.

Sparks Fly Out
5. Sparks Fly Out

Spurned by Sookie, Bill wins over Adele's church audience with his vivid recolle...

Cold Ground
6. Cold Ground

Numbed by tragedy, Sookie looks for refuge from the cacophony of her friends' an...

Burning House of Love
7. Burning House of Love

Sookie's painful revelation about her uncle spurs Bill to action. Meanwhile, Tar...

The Fourth Man in the Fire
8. The Fourth Man in the Fire

Sookie tries to hold herself together in the wake of another possible tragedy.

Plaisir d'Amour
9. Plaisir d'Amour

Bill breaks a vampire taboo in protecting Sookie and must pay a steep price as a...

I Don't Wanna Know
10. I Don't Wanna Know

Caught in a compromising position, Sam shares a secret with an incredulous Sookie.

To Love Is to Bury
11. To Love Is to Bury

Bill fulfills the conditions of the tribunal's sentence, although he and Eric fi...

You'll Be the Death of Me
12. You'll Be the Death of Me

Sookie finds a link to the string of killings in Bon Temps -- and ends up in the...

True Blood (HBO)


Drama, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Romantic Drama


7 Seasons Available (80 Episodes)

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About This Series

In the near-future, vampires have come out of the coffin ... no longer in need of a human fix. But can telepathic Louisiana waitress Sookie Stackhouse forge a love match with a bloodsucker? From Alan Ball ("Six Feet Under") comes this acclaimed drama series based on the best-selling "Southern Vampire" novels by Charlaine Harris.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, Lois Smith

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