Tom Goes to the Mayor
2 Seasons
Adult Animation

Tom Goes to the Mayor

: Tom Peters brings ideas to the mayor of his adopted town.

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Bear Trap Brothers
1. Bear Trap Brothers

Tom and The Mayor teach Jefferton about the significance of bear traps in child ...

WW Laserz
2. WW Laserz

Tom proposes a World War II-themed restaurant, but the Mayor's nephew turns it i...

Pioneer Island
3. Pioneer Island

Tom and the Mayor try to celebrate a relic of Jefferton's past by rebuilding a W...

Toodle Day
4. Toodle Day

At the request of the Mayor, Tom marries all the dogs in Jefferton. Jeff Goldblu...

Rat's Off to Ya
5. Rat's Off to Ya

Tom creates a T-shirt that reads "Rats Off to Ya" for Christmas. His idea is qui...

Porcelain Birds
6. Porcelain Birds

The Mayor gets Tom to invest in a porcelain bird pyramid scheme to save Jefferto...

Vehicular Manslaughter
7. Vehicular Manslaughter

One of the Mayor's old college buddies stops by unexpectedly. Special guest: Mic...

Boy Meets Mayor
8. Boy Meets Mayor

After the Mayor is caught in a dirty sex scandal, Tom is brought in to be his PR man.

9. Calcucorn

Joy's ex-husband Todd pairs up with Tom to create a reality show called Mister E...

10. Gibbons

Tom's annoying old friend Gibbons stops into Jefferton to help Tom at the Friend...

Pipe Camp
11. Pipe Camp

Tom's concerns for the health of Jefferton's children leads to a Pipe Camp.

12. Re-birth

Tom tries to start a consulting business in Jefferton but is denied by City Coun...

Vice Mayor
13. Vice Mayor

The Mayor offers Tom a position as Vice Mayor of Hobo Town. Special Guest: Fred ...

Tom Goes to the Mayor


Adult Animation, Comedy, Offbeat


2 Seasons Available (30 Episodes)

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About This Series

Tom Peters brings ideas to the mayor of his adopted town.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Stephanie Courtney, Michael Schmidt

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