The O.C.
4 Seasons
Teen Drama

The O.C.

: A troubled young man makes waves in a wealthy, harbor-front community.

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1. Pilot

Tough teen Ryan moves in with the Cohens in Orange County.

The Model Home
2. The Model Home

The teens hide in a model home, but a bully causes trouble.

The Gamble
3. The Gamble

Kirsten takes temporary custody of Ryan. His mom gets drunk.

The Debut
4. The Debut

The teens attend cotillion, where a fight breaks out.

The Outsider
5. The Outsider

Ryan protects Seth twice. Penniless Jimmy has a hard choice.

The Girlfriend
6. The Girlfriend

After a hot girl seduces Ryan, Marissa has sex with Luke.

The Escape
7. The Escape

In Tijuana, Marissa learns about the divorce and overdoses.

The Rescue
8. The Rescue

Ryan risks his future to keep Marissa from being sent away.

The Heights
9. The Heights

Summer is secretly jealous of Seth's relationship with Anna.

The Perfect Couple
10. The Perfect Couple

Marissa and Ryan date. Summer denies her feelings for Seth.

The Homecoming
11. The Homecoming

Seth gets in trouble choosing between Summer and Anna.

The Secret
12. The Secret

Anna and Summer are mad at Seth. Julie has love problems.

The Best Chrismukkah Ever
13. The Best Chrismukkah Ever

The Cohens celebrate Chrismukkah. Seth juggles two girls.

The Countdown
14. The Countdown

Kirsten's unruly sister hosts a huge New Year's Eve party.

The Third Wheel
15. The Third Wheel

Disruptive Hailey refuses to leave. Seth chooses Anna.

The Links
16. The Links

When Oliver almost overdoses, Marissa stays with him.

The Rivals
17. The Rivals

Seth's jealousy of Summer's new boyfriend gives him doubts.

The Truth
18. The Truth

Ryan and Luke ally to protect Marissa from Oliver.

The Heartbreak
19. The Heartbreak

Marissa tries to reconcile with Ryan, but he can't forgive her.

The Telenovela
20. The Telenovela

Marissa and Ryan try to start over as friends.

The Goodbye Girl
21. The Goodbye Girl

When Anna plans to move away, Seth tries to stop her.

The L.A.
22. The L.A.

When actor Grady Bridges invites Summer and Marissa to his birthday party, the g...

The Nana
23. The Nana

Seth fears his grandmother will disapprove of Summer.

The Proposal
24. The Proposal

Marissa is mad at Julie and Luke. Caleb proposes to Julie.

The Shower
25. The Shower

Julie has a wedding shower. Seth meets Summer's father.

The Strip
26. The Strip

Seth and Ryan help Caleb celebrate in Las Vegas.

The Ties That Bind
27. The Ties That Bind

Julie's wedding day will long be remembered.

The O.C.


Drama, Teen Drama


4 Seasons Available (92 Episodes)

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About This Series

This soap opera mines the intertwined lives of the Cohen, Cooper and Nichol families for drama, with a contemporary music soundtrack adding to the proceedings. Ryan, a teenager from the wrong side of the Chino tracks, finds himself in well-to-do Newport Beach, an enclave of Southern California's Orange County. Taken in by a lawyer and his family, Ryan winds up in the midst of snarky, wealthy high schoolers and their sun-drenched angst.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan, Benjamin McKenzie, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson

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