The Prince
1 Seasons
Adult Animation

The Prince

: Seven-year-old Prince George spills all the royal "tea" on Buckingham Palace’s residents and staff.

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1. Unfollow

When he discovers that Kelly Ripa doesn’t follow him on social media, Prince Geo...

2. Tea

As afternoon tea service finds the palace staff scrambling to please the royals,...

3. Playdate

Prince George's exclusive palace playdate finds him desperate to impress his fri...

Beverly Hills
4. Beverly Hills

Meghan takes her new castmates on a trip to Buckingham Palace, where Prince Geor...

5. Charity

As the royals prepare to host a fundraiser for an elusive cause, Prince George s...

6. Vacation

On the royals' Caribbean vacation, Prince George enlists Owen for help taking th...

Date Night
7. Date Night

While Charles scores a double date with his parents, the palace staff celebrates...

8. Owen

On his day off, Owen’s attempts to find pleasure in the simple things are interr...

School Musical Part 1
9. School Musical Part 1

After seizing his school musical's lead role, Prince George devolves into a bigg...

School Musical Part 2
10. School Musical Part 2

Fresh out of options, Meghan and Harry are forced to ask for help. Prince George...

School Musical Part 3
11. School Musical Part 3

The queen has a change of heart, Kate plots a new course of action and Meghan an...

The Flummery Tart
12. The Flummery Tart

When the queen suddenly requests a flummery tart, the staff goes into panic mode...

The Prince


Adult Animation, Comedy, Offbeat


1 Seasons Available (12 Episodes)

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About This Series

This satirical comedy series offers a biting look at the innerworkings of the British monarchy through the eyes of a seven-year-old Prince George, youngest heir to the throne, as he spills all the royal "tea" on his family. Featuring a star-studded voice cast – including Orlando Bloom, Alan Cumming, Frances de la Tour, Lucy Punch, Condola Rashad, Iwan Rheon, Dan Stevens, Sophie Turner, and series creator Gary Janetti – The Prince is a brazenly funny and one-of-a-kind parody of Buckingham Palace’s residents and staff.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Orlando Bloom, Alan Cumming, Frances De La Tour, Gary Janetti, Lucy Punch, Condola Rashad, Iwan Rheon, Dan Stevens, Dan Stevens, Sophie Turner, Gary Janetti, Alain Bala, Tom Mcdonald

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