Todd McFarlane's Spawn (HBO)
3 Seasons
Adult Animation
Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Todd McFarlane's Spawn (HBO)

: HBO's animated show is based on Image Comics' popular series about a dead CIA assassin who returns to life as a superhuman Hellspawn.

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Burning Visions
1. Burning Visions

This adults-only animated series is about a dead CIA hitman named Al Simmons, wh...

Evil Intent
2. Evil Intent

Spawn wins the respect of the derelicts who live in the alley while seeking the ...

No Rest, No Peace
3. No Rest, No Peace

A cyborg engages Spawn in battle, forcing him to retrieve some of Al Simmons's o...

4. Dominoes

While Wanda tries to find out who is protecting a killer, Spawn comes to the att...

Souls in the Balance
5. Souls in the Balance

A psycho, grenade-toting preacher named Cain holds a mute boy hostage until Spaw...

End Game
6. End Game

A superhero battles the forces of evil on Earth -- and in himself -- to uncover ...

Todd McFarlane's Spawn (HBO)


Adult Animation, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Dystopian


3 Seasons Available (18 Episodes)

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About This Series

He was once a man, and now he's a Hellspawn -- battling evil on Earth and in himself -- to uncover the truth about his identity and fulfill his destiny. One of Image Comics' most popular and intriguing characters explodes on the screen in this adults-only animated series that combines vivid imagery with action, romance and high-level espionage.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Keith David, Richard Dysart, Michael Nicolosi, Dominique Jennings, Victor Love

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