15 Seasons


: Follow the personal and professional lives of the doctors and patients inside a Chicago hospital emergency room.

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24 Hours
1. 24 Hours

Young doctors face life and death daily in the emergency room of a major hospital.

Day One
2. Day One

An elderly man insists on keeping his wife on life support against her wishes. A...

Going Home
3. Going Home

A confused patient wanders the hospital, singing; Ross prescribes a spinal tap f...

Hit and Run
4. Hit and Run

Ross takes under his wing the son of a schizophrenic patient; a married heart-at...

Into That Good Night
5. Into That Good Night

A patient will not last the night without a heart transplant; Ross admonishes a ...

Chicago Heat
6. Chicago Heat

A pizza-delivery man crashes through the hospital's doors; a deadbeat sister wan...

Another Perfect Day
7. Another Perfect Day

Working together on a boating-accident victim rekindles old feelings for Ross an...

9 1/2 Hours
8. 9 1/2 Hours

Ross tries to maintain order at the emergency room on Greene's day off; a rape v...

ER Confidential
9. ER Confidential

An injured teen confesses to Hathaway that he was responsible for two deaths in ...

10. Blizzard

A multiple-car accident floods the emergency room with patients; a patient belie...

The Gift
11. The Gift

A nearly drowned boy pre-empts Greene's Christmas shopping; Madame X switches to...

Happy New Year
12. Happy New Year

Carter is allowed to observe surgery; Lewis learns Chloe is leaving; Ross teache...

Luck of the Draw
13. Luck of the Draw

Greene's criticism shakes Lewis' confidence; a man considers removing his brain-...

Long Day's Journey
14. Long Day's Journey

Lewis goes before the review board when a hostile attending doctor holds her res...

Feb. 5, '95
15. Feb. 5, '95

Morgenstern offers Greene a prized position on the hospital's staff; a terminall...

Make of Two Hearts
16. Make of Two Hearts

A woman abandons her recently adopted, AIDS-stricken daughter at the emergency r...

The Birthday Party
17. The Birthday Party

Carter mistakenly throws a birthday bash for Benton; Ross loses his temper with ...

Sleepless in Chicago
18. Sleepless in Chicago

After 48 hours of duty, Benton won't go home; Hathaway's plans to adopt a Russia...

Love's Labor Lost
19. Love's Labor Lost

Complications threaten the lives of a woman and her unborn child; Ross has a dat...

Full Moon, Saturday Night
20. Full Moon, Saturday Night

A full moon brings in unusual cases; Benton confronts his mother's condition; Ro...

House of Cards
21. House of Cards

Dr. Greene fears a contagious patient may flee; competitive Deb Chen goes too fa...

Men Plan, God Laughs
22. Men Plan, God Laughs

Benton dazzles the staff; Lewis suspects a doctor/patient is not what he seems; ...

Love Among the Ruins
23. Love Among the Ruins

Greene and the new chairman clash over an attempted suicide; Greene feels he is ...

24. Motherhood

Dr. Lewis' mother drops by the hospital to see her and Chloe; Ross treats eight ...

Everything Old Is New Again
25. Everything Old Is New Again

Hathaway and Taglieri's wedding day arrives; Greene gets good news and bad; Cart...





15 Seasons Available (332 Episodes)

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About This Series

Follow the personal and professional lives of the doctors and patients inside a Chicago hospital emergency room.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Anthony Edwards, George Clooney, Noah Wyle, Julianna Margulies, Gloria Reuben, Laura Innes, Maria Bello, Alex Kinston, Kellie Martin, Paul Mccrane, Goran Visnjic, Maura Tierney, Michael Michele, Erik Palladino, Sherry Stringfield, Ming-Na Wen, Sharif Atkins, Mekhi Phifer, Linda Cardellini, Parminder Nagra, Eriq La Salle, Shane West, Scott Grimes

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