Adventure of the Ring
1 Seasons
Romantic Comedy

Adventure of the Ring

: Yi-Zhi and Lisa re-examine the meaning of true love as their lost engagement ring travels from couple to couple.

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The Missing Ring
1. The Missing Ring

Yi-Zhi's perfect proposal to his girlfriend Lisa is disrupted when he loses the ...

The Gentle Giant With Little Voice
2. The Gentle Giant With Little Voice

Zong-Fang lies to win over Ya-Wen's mother. After Lisa flees to her parents' hou...

The Older the Better
3. The Older the Better

The ring ends up in the hands of retiree Yun-Sheng, who bumps into his college s...

Here! Take This and Propose to My Mom!
4. Here! Take This and Propose to My Mom!

Yun-Sheng and Ching-Fang try to get the ring back when it's taken by a gangster,...

My Puppy Love Goddess
5. My Puppy Love Goddess

As Lisa moves out, Yi-Zhi gives up on himself, while college student Zi-Long tri...

My Father Is a Gangster
6. My Father Is a Gangster

Yi-Zhi and Lisa become roommates after drama arises between Lisa's parents. Mean...

Perfect Couple's Imperfect Marriage
7. Perfect Couple's Imperfect Marriage

The ring makes its way to Rossy, a struggling radio show host in a failing marri...

Propose? Or Not!
8. Propose? Or Not!

As Yi-Zhi and Liza prepare separate trips abroad, Yi-Zhi finally gets the ring b...

Adventure of the Ring


Comedy, Romantic Comedy


1 Seasons Available (8 Episodes)

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About This Series

"Adventure of the Ring" weaves the stories of different couples whose lives are forever changed by the same lost engagement ring. The adventure begins when baseball-loving actuary Yi-Zhi misplaces the ring on the morning of his meticulously planned proposal to his girlfriend Lisa, a free-spirited flight attendant. As the ring makes its way through many hands, from a struggling musician who hopes to gain the approval of his girlfriend’s mother, to an elderly widower who reunites with an old flame, Yi-Zhi and Lisa begin to re-examine their future and the meaning of true love.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Allison Lin, Chris Wang, Denny Huang, Hangee Liou, Sun Ke-Fang, Lung Shao-Hua, Chuan Wang, Helena Hsu, Liang Cheng-Chun, Wang You-Chian, Erek Lin, Vicky Huang, Bamboo Chen, Janet Hsieh, Huang Shang-Ho

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