1 Seasons
Fantasy & Sci-Fi


: After a mysterious explosion, rookie cop Richard Garcia and his ragtag group of friends find themselves entangled in an all-out war.

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Episode 1
1. Episode 1

During his first day with the Pointe-Claire police, former videogame store owner...

Episode 2
2. Episode 2

Richard struggles to be taken seriously as signs point to an extraterrestrial in...

Episode 3
3. Episode 3

Amid a string of unexplained disappearances, otherworldly newcomer Fred helps Ri...

Episode 4
4. Episode 4

Richard searches for answers after Mitch disappears -- while Bob is targeted by ...

Episode 5
5. Episode 5

While searching Pointe-Claire's abandoned military base, Richard uncovers the tr...

Episode 6
6. Episode 6

After discovering a confidential file belonging to his grandfather, Richard unra...

Episode 7
7. Episode 7

After waking up in the police station, Richard, Bob and Mitch attempt to piece t...

Episode 8
8. Episode 8

As a looming threat spells doom for Richard, Pointe-Claire, and all of humankind...



Drama, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Space & Beyond


1 Seasons Available (8 Episodes)

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About This Series

Welcome to the town of Pointe-Claire, home to an abandoned military base, a bumbling police force, and now -- an all-out alien invasion. After an explosion lights up the night sky on the eve of his first day on the job, videogame store owner-turned-rookie cop Richard Garcia finds himself entangled in a war between rival extraterrestrial factions -- all while juggling tensions with his estranged best friends Bob and Mitch, former flame Jacqueline, and his wife Nancy, a successful real estate agent who just can't seem to get her husband's attention. As mysterious forces close in on the Pointe-Claire PD, it's up to Richard to convince the town -- and the world -- that aliens do exist and not all of them come in peace.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Simon Astier, Simon Astier, Damien Jouillerot, Vincent Desagnat, Tiphaine Daviot, Florence Loiret-Caille, Delphine Baril, Julie Bargeton, Gérard Darier, Antonia Buresi, David Marsais, Arnaud Tsamère, Aziz Aboudrar, Adrien Ménielle, Jérémie Dethelot, Henry Guybert, Arnaud Joyet, François Frapier, Jean-Michel Fête

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