The Young Pope (HBO)
1 Seasons

The Young Pope (HBO)

: Two-time Oscar(R)-nominee Jude Law stars in this 10-episode limited series about a radical new Pope. Diane Keaton co-stars.

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Episode 1
1. Episode 1

Newly elected Pope Pius XIII, a.k.a. Lenny Belardo, defies Vatican expectations ...

Episode 2
2. Episode 2

Lenny sets down the ground rules for his first speech at St. Peter's. Cardinal S...

Episode 3
3. Episode 3

Voiello and Spencer consider their options as the Vatican deals with the fallout...

Episode 4
4. Episode 4

Ester is torn between a threat from Voiello and her devotion to the new pope.

Episode 5
5. Episode 5

Voiello orchestrates a scandalous scenario. The pope addresses the Cardinals in ...

Episode 6
6. Episode 6

Lenny has a contentious first meeting with the Italian prime minister. Ester's m...

Episode 7
7. Episode 7

Voiello ponders new and familiar scenarios to take down Lenny. Dussolier longs f...

Episode 8
8. Episode 8

Lenny and Sister Mary cope with a loss. Sofia suggests a first trip abroad by th...

Episode 9
9. Episode 9

Gutierrez investigates an archbishop's misconduct despite threats of blackmail a...

Episode 10
10. Episode 10

The young pope changes his travel plans and policy. Sister Mary takes on a new role.

The Young Pope (HBO)




1 Seasons Available (10 Episodes)

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About This Series

Two-time Oscar(R)-nominee Jude Law stars in this 10-episode limited series about a radical new Pope -- the first American pope and the youngest ever elected by the College of Cardinals -- who takes the Church in a stunning new direction. Diane Keaton co-stars.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Jude Law, Diane Keaton, Silvio Orlando, Scott Shepherd, Cecile de France, Javier Camara, Ludivine Sagnier, James Cromwell, Toni Bertorelli, Marcello Romolo, Ramon Garcia, Vladimir Bibic, Ignazio Oliva

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