Tom and Jerry
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Tom and Jerry

: In this decades-old rivalry, Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse match wits against each other in numerous situations and settings.

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The Night Before Christmas
1. The Night Before Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and after Tom tosses Jerry outside in the cold, Tom has a ch...

The Bowling Alley-Cat
2. The Bowling Alley-Cat

Tom and Jerry are at the bowling alley as mayhem ensues.

Fine Feathered Friend
3. Fine Feathered Friend

Jerry pretends to be a chick so the mother hen protects him from Tom.

Sufferin' Cats
4. Sufferin' Cats

Tom and another cat Meathead fight over Jerry.

Baby Puss
5. Baby Puss

A little girl makes Tom her baby cat and Jerry with some alley cats taunt the un...

The Million Dollar Cat
6. The Million Dollar Cat

Tom will inherit a million dollars if he doesn't harm any living thing, includin...

The Bodyguard
7. The Bodyguard

Jerry uses a whistle given to him by a grateful bulldog to stop Tom from chasing him.

Puttin' on the Dog
8. Puttin' on the Dog

Tom impersonates a dog so he can chase Jerry into a dog pound.

Mouse Trouble
9. Mouse Trouble

Tom starts to read a book called "How to catch a Mouse". Although, the traps are...

Tee for Two
10. Tee for Two

Tom tries to play golf, but Jerry interferes with the cat's game.

Springtime for Thomas
11. Springtime for Thomas

It's spring and Tom's attention turns to love and the female feline next door, b...

Trap Happy
12. Trap Happy

Tom hires an exterminator, another cat, to get rid of Jerry.

Solid Serenade
13. Solid Serenade

Tom wants to serenade a girl cat whose property is guarded by Spike the bulldog ...

Cat Fishin'
14. Cat Fishin'

Spike is guarding a no fishing area but Tom, using Jerry as bait, doesn't let th...

The Cat Concerto
15. The Cat Concerto

Tom Cat is a concert pianist who plays beautifully until he is interrupted by Je...

Salt Water Tabby
16. Salt Water Tabby

Tom's efforts to impress a female cat at the beach are foiled by Jerry and a crab.

The Invisible Mouse
17. The Invisible Mouse

Jerry turns invisible after diving into a bottle of invisible ink and then gets ...

Bad Luck Blackie
18. Bad Luck Blackie

A kitten being tortured by a bulldog needs Bad Luck Blackie, a black cat that br...

Hatch Up Your Troubles
19. Hatch Up Your Troubles

Jerry is forced to take care of a baby woodpecker and try to avoid Tom while doi...

The House of Tomorrow
20. The House of Tomorrow

The house of tomorrow will feature many custom and adjustable gadgets.

Heavenly Puss
21. Heavenly Puss

Tom arrives in heaven only to find out that in order to enter he must first go b...

Love That Pup
22. Love That Pup

Tom accidentally grabs Tyke, Spike the bulldog's son, when he is trying to get t...

The Cat That Hated People
23. The Cat That Hated People

With his nerves so frazzled by people, a cat decides to take a rocket to the moon.

The Counterfeit Cat
24. The Counterfeit Cat

To get at a pet canary, a cat, disguised as the neighbor dog, uses bones to tric...

Tom and Jerry


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In this decades-old rivalry, Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse match wits against each other in numerous situations and settings.

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