Love Spells (Amarres)
1 Seasons
Romantic Comedy

Love Spells (Amarres)

: Faced with mounting financial issues, Ana finally decides to tap into her magical ancestry to keep her family together.

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Tied Up
1. Tied Up

After a chaotic day ends in custody papers and a car accident, Ana considers tap...

The Back Room
2. The Back Room

While working to track down Ricardo, Ana contemplates taking on her first love s...

3. Beelzebub

As the family's struggles continue, María seeks help from a surprising source, a...

What If We Play Spin the Bottle?
4. What If We Play Spin the Bottle?

Ana takes highly different approaches with Olga and Armando while María digs int...

5. Milf

Armando, María, and Olga struggle to process the news of their mother's "secret ...

Holy Water
6. Holy Water

Ana creates further tension with María after confronting Ariel, and Jorge aliena...

A Spy
7. A Spy

When Virginia encounters their next love spell client on the street, she and Ana...

Mom's Boyfriends
8. Mom's Boyfriends

While Olga cracks under the pressure of being stuck between her parents, Roger a...

The Conman's Forgiveness
9. The Conman's Forgiveness

As their school troubles worsen, Armando leans on Memo, Olga blames herself and ...

The Red Dahlia
10. The Red Dahlia

Ana, Roger and Ricardo execute the final piece of their plan, while Armando thro...

Love Spells (Amarres)


Comedy, Romantic Comedy


1 Seasons Available (10 Episodes)

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About This Series

Between her three kids, three divorces and struggling tailor shop, Ana is perpetually stretched too thin. But when a particularly tumultuous day lands her on the receiving end of custody papers and in the hospital following a car accident, Ana finds herself at a crossroads. Though she swore off her family's magical ancestry long ago, Ana hesitantly begins to tap into the "gift" she inherited from her grandmother to make ends meet only to discover that meddling with the love affairs of others makes her life even more complicated.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Gabriela la Garza, Hugo Catalán, Juan Medina, Martín Saracho, Alicia Jaziz, Mauricio Isaac, Pablo Astiazarán, Nicole Albornoz Carrillo

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