The World Between Us (HBO)
1 Seasons
Mystery & Suspense

The World Between Us (HBO)

: Set two years after a mass murder at a movie theater, discover the intertwined stories of those impacted by the shooting.

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The Victims
1. The Victims

Two years after committing mass murder at a movie theater, Li Hsiao-ming is sent...

Happy Mother's Day
2. Happy Mother's Day

When Ta-chih hands in her resignation letter, Chiao-an is incensed, and Brother ...

3. Rift

Szu-yueh confronts Ta-chih about SBC's portrayal of Szu-tsung, whose mental heal...

4. Insight

Szu-tsung receives his diagnosis. Wang She's defense of Chen Chang deepens the r...

The Sinner
5. The Sinner

The members of the Ying family have an argument about Szu-tsung's living arrange...

After That
6. After That

Ta-chih and Chiao-an have a public confrontation. Despite her father's disapprov...

7. Bullying

Chen Chang is devastated when he's not given the death penalty. A middle school ...

All Beings Are Sick
8. All Beings Are Sick

Despite the ratings risk, Chiao-an is determined to rectify SBC News' ethics.

Until Dawn
9. Until Dawn

When the media ambushes the cafe looking for Ta-chih, she realizes she's been be...

Look Into the Future
10. Look Into the Future

Szu-tsung disappears in the middle of an episode, sending Szu-yueh and Ta-chih i...

The World Between Us (HBO)


Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Crime, Family Relationships


1 Seasons Available (10 Episodes)

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About This Series

Set two years after Li Hsiao-ming commits indiscriminate murder at a movie theater, this drama series follows the intertwined stories of those impacted by the shooting, including the victims' families, Hsiao-ming's defense attorney, and Hsiao-ming's family.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Alyssa Chia, James Wen, Kang Jen Wu, Honduras, Yu Chen, Tracy Chou, Pets Tseng, Allison Lin

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