Two Sides of the Abyss
1 Seasons

Two Sides of the Abyss

: After her daughter’s murderer is released early from prison, troubled police officer Luise Berg careens toward catastrophe.

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The Night Will Find You
1. The Night Will Find You

When the man who murdered her daughter is released early from prison, police off...

Heavenless City
2. Heavenless City

While Luise's erratic behavior raises questions in both her personal and profess...

Deadly Love
3. Deadly Love

Luise suspects that Dennis is taking revenge on his former tormentors. Josi real...

Hunters in the Dark
4. Hunters in the Dark

Luise discovers a connection between the most recent murder victim and Dennis. B...

At the Shores of the Darkest River
5. At the Shores of the Darkest River

After Dennis's arrest, Luise thinks she and her younger daughter are safe, but D...

High Fens
6. High Fens

After Luise follows the bait Dennis has set for their final confrontation, she f...

Two Sides of the Abyss


Drama, Thriller


1 Seasons Available (6 Episodes)

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About This Series

A twisted psychological thriller, Two Sides of the Abyss follows police officer Luise Berg as she careens toward catastrophe when her daughter’s murderer, Dennis Opitz, is released early from prison. Convinced that he’s the connection between a string of seemingly unrelated murders, Luise investigates Dennis’s dark past. She discovers that the young man, who seems to be a model member of society, is on a quest for revenge -- placing Luise and her estranged daughter Josi at the center of his perfidious plan. Soon, Dennis and Luise become embroiled in a complex cat-and-mouse game that blurs and challenges the boundaries of guilt and innocence, perpetrators and victims, and law and justice.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Kristin Derfler, Anna Ratte-Polle, Anton Dreger, Lea Van Acken, Renato Schuch, Senita Huskić, Claudia Eisinger, Josephine Thiesen, Dirk Martens, Ann-Kathrin Kramer, Maximilian Brauer

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