Mamon (HBO)
1 Seasons

Mamon (HBO)

: A six-part thriller following a journalist's quest to expose corruption at a prominent energy company.

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Chapter One: The Sacrifice
1. Chapter One: The Sacrifice

An investigative journalist is given information about corruption at an energy c...

Chapter Two: Abraham
2. Chapter Two: Abraham

Six months later, Petr is far removed from the ongoing investigation into Centra...

Chapter Three: Fire
3. Chapter Three: Fire

Petr and Marie watch two firms looking to buy a stake in Central Energy, includi...

Chapter Four: The Children
4. Chapter Four: The Children

The Kontext's article exposing a secret agreement between Toman, Zpevacek and Ho...

Chapter Five: The Roots
5. Chapter Five: The Roots

Stella decides to meet with a former investigator who warns her to stay away fro...

Chapter Six: The Finale
6. Chapter Six: The Finale

Petr and Eva travel to a distant mine where Michal is to be handed over by the k...

Mamon (HBO)


Crime, Drama, Thriller, Scandals & Lies


1 Seasons Available (6 Episodes)

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About This Series

HBO Europe presents a gripping, six-part thriller following an investigative journalist's quest to expose corruption at a prominent energy company and uncover the truth behind the mysterious deaths surrounding the case.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Matěj Hádek, Eva Leimbergerová, Gabriela Míčová, Michal Dlouhý, Tereza Hofová, Daniel Tůma, Igor Bareš, Ondřej Malý, Dušan Sitek, Pavlína Štorková

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