Yogi Bear
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Yogi Bear

: In Jellystone Park, Yogi Bear dreams to outwit as many tourists as he can and grab their picnic baskets while staying one step ahead of Ranger Smith.

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Yogi Bear's Big Break
1. Yogi Bear's Big Break

Yogi tries to sneak past the park ranger and escape from Jellystone Park.

Slumber Party Smarty
2. Slumber Party Smarty

Just before he hibernates for the winter, kindhearted Yogi befriends a cute litt...

3. Pie-Pirates

To steal a pie cooling in a kitchen window, Yogi and Boo Boo must sneak past a v...

Big Bad Bully
4. Big Bad Bully

A beehive filled with honey awaits Yogi and Boo Boo--if only they can avoid an a...

Foxy Hound Dog
5. Foxy Hound Dog

Yogi protects a defenseless little fox from a tenacious hound.

The Brave Little Brave
6. The Brave Little Brave

Yogi tries to help a bunny who's being hunted by an inept Indian boy.

Tally Ho-Ho-Ho
7. Tally Ho-Ho-Ho

During bear-hunting season in Jellystone Park, Yogi must outwit a persistent hunter.

High Fly Guy
8. High Fly Guy

Yogi befriends a young bird and tries to teach him how to fly.

Baffled Bear
9. Baffled Bear

Yogi wakes up from his winter nap to find a super highway has been built where t...

Big Brave Bear
10. Big Brave Bear

Escaping from the law, two bandits find the perfect hideout: Yogi's cave!

The Stout Trout
11. The Stout Trout

A cagey trout causes problems for fisherman Yogi.

The Buzzin' Bear
12. The Buzzin' Bear

Inquisitive Yogi investigates a parked helicopter, leading to a wild and uproari...

Runaway Bear
13. Runaway Bear

The world's greatest game hunter seeks the head of the one bear species he doesn...

Be My Guest, Pest
14. Be My Guest, Pest

An affable Jellystone Park visitor casually invites Yogi to visit his penthouse ...

Duck in Luck
15. Duck in Luck

Yogi Bear protects a tiny duck from a persistent hunter and the hunter's dog.

Bear on a Picnic
16. Bear on a Picnic

Yogi's efforts to return a wandering baby to its family get him involved in one ...

Prize Fight Fright
17. Prize Fight Fright

Yogi Bear reluctantly becomes a sparring partner for the world-champion boxer.

Brainy Bear
18. Brainy Bear

A crazy scientist conducting brain-transfer experiments captures Yogi Bear and h...

Robin Hood Yogi
19. Robin Hood Yogi

Like Robin Hood, Yogi Bear plans to rob the rich and give to the poor--namely th...

Daffy Daddy
20. Daffy Daddy

Yogi Bear tries to help a spoiled youngster whose parents are too busy to play w...

Scooter Looter
21. Scooter Looter

Yogi Bear takes a motor scooter for a wild ride around the park!

Hide and Go Peek
22. Hide and Go Peek

Yogi's responsible when a strange new "rock formation" suddenly appears in Jelly...

Yogi Bear


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3 Seasons Available (70 Episodes)

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About This Series

He's smarter than the average bear! From his home in Jellystone Park, Yogi Bear dreams of nothing more in life than to outwit as many unsuspecting tourists as he can and grab their prized picnic baskets all while staying one step ahead of the ever-exasperated Ranger Smith. Yogi's little buddy, Boo-Boo, tries to keep Yogi out of trouble but rarely succeeds. That's okay because not even Ranger Smith can stay mad for long at the lovable, irresistible Yogi Bear.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Daws Butler, Don Messick, Don Messick, William Hanna, Joseph Barbara

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